Careers in Teaching Pre-K–12

The teacher education program of the University at Buffalo (UB) is offered at the post-baccalaureate level through the Graduate School of Education (GSE). This program is housed within the Department of Learning and Instruction (LAI), which works closely with the Office of the Teacher Education Institute (TEI), as well as other departments of the University at Buffalo, to provide coursework and experiences intended to educate students about processes of teaching and learning within PreK-12 schools.

In the teacher education program, there are two tracks for those who are seeking an Initial Teacher Certificate to begin teaching in public schools in New York State. These tracks, and the certification areas offered via each, are as follows:

  • Initial-only (typically a one-year course of study that leads to an Advanced Certificate from UB and a recommendation for an Initial Teacher Certificate issued by the New York State Education Department)
  • Initial/Professional (typically a two-year course of study that leads to a master’s degree from UB and a recommendation for Initial and Professional Teacher Certificates issued by the New York State Education Department)

We offer the following curricular options for students working toward initial teacher certification:

  • Early Childhood: Birth–Grade 2 (with or without bilingual extension)
  • Childhood: Grades 1–6 (with or without bilingual extension)
  • Early Childhood/Childhood: (Birth – Grade 2 and Grades 1- 6)
  • Adolescence: Grades 7–12 (with or without grades 5–6 extension) in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, Languages other than English (LOTE), Math, Physics, Social Studies
  • All Grades: Music, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Curricular Options

Prerequisite Requirements