Teacher Education at UB

You can become a teacher at UB

Teaching is a rewarding career with the potential to shape students’ lives and engage with the communities schools serve. The Graduate School of Education will prepare you to be a highly-qualified teacher. You can choose from numerous fields, including high-need certification areas. You will enter the program with strong content knowledge and a range of academic, personal, and professional experiences. You will build on these knowledge bases and skills to become a dynamic teacher and a leader in your profession.

Undergraduate Majors

If you are interested in pursuing New York State initial teacher certification through the teacher education program at the University at Buffalo, see the list below for undergraduate majors you should consider that would apply to the teacher certification area in which you are interested.

Certification Area Acceptable Undergraduate Majors*
Early Childhood and/or
Childhood Education
Arts: Art History, Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts
Languages other than English: (e.g. French, Spanish)
Natural Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics
Social Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science
Social Sciences Interdisciplinary (Health & Human
Services: Early Childhood Concentration only)
English English
English to Speakers of Other Languages English, a language other than English, linguistics, or a speech-related field, which includes at least 30 hours of course work in the major
Languages other than English: French, Spanish, Chinese, Latin A major in the language of the certification area (French, Chinese, Latin, or Spanish), which includes at least 30 hours of course work in the language
Mathematics Mathematics
Music Music
Science: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, or Physics A major in the certification area (biology, chemistry, earth
science, or physics), which includes at least 30 hours of course work in the content of the certification area
Social Studies History or one of the social sciences (anthropology, economics, geography, political science, or sociology)

* See a complete list of acceptable majors and specific coursework requirements

Here is how we help put a teaching career within your reach

4 + 1 | Early Admission plus Application Fee Waiver equals Teacher Certification | University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education

Undergraduate Education Minors: After completing your undergraduate degree in areas such Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, Language other than English, Mathematics, Music, Physics or Social Studies, the Graduate School of Education can prepare you for New York State initial teacher certification in just one additional academic year.
Undergraduate minor in education

Non-Education Minors: The same model can be applied if you don’t complete the Education Minor. The only difference is the length required in completing the program. This track will require one calendar year to allow for time to complete all required courses that may not have been part of your undergraduate curriculum.

Course Requirements: As an undergraduate student, you must complete up to five courses; three as part of the Education Minor and two graduate courses that you can take as a senior with advanced standing.

Early Admission Opportunity: You can apply for early admission in your spring semester of your sophomore year, and as late as your senior year. You will follow the established admissions process for all initial certification programs. To learn more, visit: gse.buffalo.edu/admissions.

Application Fee Waiver Available: If you are an undergraduate student with a GPA of 3.25 or higher, you qualify for a waiver.

Criteria to Retain Early Admission: You must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 from the point of early admission to graduation from the undergraduate program. If you are given early admission to the initial certification program, you are also given early admission to the master’s program as long as your GPA is 3.0 or higher. If you study full time, the master’s program could be completed in a year and a half.