Undergraduate Students


Welcome to the Graduate School of Education!

As an undergraduate student at UB, you have many exciting options to explore in the Graduate School of Education. You can get a head start on many careers even while you are in an undergraduate program.

Counseling    If you are interested in careers in counseling, you have several options to consider. Whether you want to be a mental health counselor, a rehabilitation counselor, or a school counselor, there is a program at UB for you. One way to begin exploring counseling is to be a part of our undergraduate minor in counseling, which offers a unique focus on building helping relationships and counseling skills. Perhaps you are more interested in a doctoral program in counseling, school psychology or Educational Psychology and Quantitative Methods? If you are trying to determine which program is right for you, please review the convenient program comparison guide. This is designed to highlight the differences amongst these programs and it will help you pick the program that will best meet your career goal.

Information Studies    The master’s program in information studies prepares you for a variety of career paths, which could include Archivist, Information Analyst, Intelligence Analyst, Librarian, Records Manager, Search Engine Optimizer, Web Designer, and School Library Media Specialist. As an undergraduate student, you can begin exploring information studies by being a part of our undergraduate minor in information studies. Regardless of the undergraduate degree program you are currently pursuing, if you like helping people and like using information technology to connect people with information, you will find that the master’s program in information studies has much to offer you.

Teaching    Explore careers in teaching. If you thought you could not study to become a PreK-12 teacher at UB, think again! Through the Graduate School of Education’s teacher education program there are a number of curricular options from which to choose. Learn about the pathway to teacher education at UB. As an undergraduate student, one way to begin exploring teaching is to be part of our undergraduate minor in education, which will provide you opportunities to gain experiences and develop knowledge about teaching and learning, schools, and the broader cultural context of education systems. Additionally, this minor will help prepare you for graduate work in the field.

Unsure? Try a course!    If you are unsure about any of these career options just now, you might find it useful to sample a few undergraduate courses or graduate courses we offer each semester (Juniors and Seniors in good standing [3.0 GPA] are eligible to take graduate courses). Some of them are even offered online, making it much easier to fit into your schedule! Check them out for yourself.

Whether you are interested in an undergraduate minor, a graduate program in the near future, or an undergraduate or graduate course, the Graduate School of Education has much to offer you!

We look forward to helping you explore the many career paths that the Graduate School of Education has to offer.