For Cooperating Teachers

Student Teacher Assessment Record (STAR) - Cooperating Teacher (CT)

STAR-CT is the formal assessment instrument used by cooperating teachers. This is submitted twice during each student teaching placement, once at an interim point and then again at a final point. For spring 2018, the first placement (January 2 - March 10) interim is due the week of February 2- and the final by March 9 and the second placement (March 12 - May 16) interim is due the week of April 13 and the final by May 14.

To complete and submit STAR-CT, there are three format options from which to choose; please select one of the following:

  • Use the hardcopy (provided to you by your student teacher or her/his teacher education associate) to handwrite your STAR-CT and then send it to TEI via US Mail or Fax (contact information is located at the bottom of page 4 of STAR-CT)
  • Access the interactive PDF (Interim or Final), fill in all text boxes and drop-down menus, save the document to your computer, and then send it as an e-mail attachment to
  • Access the online survey, respond to all survey prompts, and then select the submit button when done (a copy of your responses will also be sent to your email address you input within the survey)

No matter the format, please be sure to have discussion with your student teacher about the contents of STAR-CT and provide a copy of your submission to both your student teacher and her/his teacher education associate.

To orient you to STAR-CT, please refer to the Quick Guide that contains an introduction and information about its format and use.

Other documents to support cooperating teachers include the Guide to Field Experience and Student Teaching and the Cooperating Teacher Guide that highlights questions we have previously been asked and provides the location within the Guide to Guide to Field Experience and Student Teaching that offers an answer.

If you need assistance with any of these documents, please contact TEI at 716-645-2461 and/or