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TEAC logo ● The University at Buffalo, SUNY, Graduate School of Education teacher education program, which is designed to prepare caring, qualified, and competent teachers who can work effectively with students from various cultures with a wide variety of abilities and needs, is granted accreditation by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) for a period of seven years, from June 11, 2012 to June 11, 2019.

● GSE provides access to state-of-the-art computer labs and software to support both student and faculty teaching development.

● GSE is committed to the preparation of teachers who can navigate the complexities of today's classrooms.

● GSE prepares highly-qualified teachers in high-need content areas such as ESOL, Languages other than English, Mathematics, and the Sciences.

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Teacher Education Program for a New York State PreK-12 Initial Teacher Certificate

CantaffaWelcome to the Teacher Education Institute (TEI) in the Graduate School of Education (GSE).

The teacher education program of the University at Buffalo (UB) is offered at the post-baccalaureate level through GSE. This program is housed within the Department of Learning and Instruction (LAI), which works closely with TEI, as well as other departments throughout UB, to provide coursework and experiences intended to educate students about processes of teaching and learning within PreK-12 schools. Upon successful completion of this program, program completers are eligible to apply to the New York State Education Department for the issuance of an initial teacher certificate to be able to teach in public schools throughout New York State (program completers may also utilize this to then apply for teaching positions in other states via the certification application process referred to as interstate reciprocity).

TEI supports the teacher education program through its relationships with PreK-12 schools throughout the Western New York community who work collaboratively with UB to provide intensive mentored field experience and student teaching opportunities for our students preparing to become intellectually-curious, critically-reflective, and practically-informed educators for the profession of teaching. In addition to developing relationships with PreK-12 schools, TEI administers the teacher certification process and beyond the program works to advance knowledge and inform policy related to teaching and learning through research focused on teaching and teacher education and through participation in external policy-making bodies.

GSE offers the following curricular options for students working toward initial teacher certification:

  • Early Childhood: Birth - Grade 2 (with or without bilingual extension)
  • Childhood: Grades 1 - 6 (with or without bilingual extension)
  • Early Childhood and Childhood: Birth - Grade 6
  • Adolescence: Grades 7 - 12 (with or without grades 5 - 6 extension, or grades 1-6 extension for Languages other than English) in English Language Arts, Languages other than English (French, Latin, Spanish), Mathematics, Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics), Social Studies
  • All Grades: Music, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

The application deadline for these programs has been extended for fall 2014. We will continue to accept applications on a space available basis. If you have any questions please call the Graduate School of Education’s Admissions Office at 716-645-2110.

The faculty and staff who work with this program are experienced educators who have a commitment to excellence and life-long learning. If you have questions regarding our campus or the teacher education program, please contact the GSE Office of Graduate Admissions at 716-645-2110.

David T Cantaffa, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Teacher Education
Director of the Teacher Education Institute