Program Requirements

The Music Education Studies non certification program requires 33 credits, 24 of which are required graduate coursework and 9 elective credits that will further strengthen your music education foundation. The coursework is grounded in Music Learning Theory. Our graduates design curriculum and assessment to meet contemporary education demands; integrate digital technologies to enhance music learning; and value music at the core of the curriculum for every student. Classes are small and students get individualized attention.

Non Teacher Certification
Apply to this program if you have a substantial music content background (30 hours of content area minimum) and are not interested in obtaining a recommendation for New York State teaching certification. Students that complete this program without certification can teach outside of New York State, internationally and within schools that do not require certification.

Program Requirements

Major Area Required Courses (9 credit hours)
LAI 554: Measurement and Evaluation in Music Education
LAI 569: Introduction to Research in Music Education
LAI 606: Curricular and Instructional Foundations of Music Education

Content Electives (12 credit hours)
Any 4 graduate level music content courses approved by your advisor from the list below:

LAI 687: Laban Movement Analysis
LAI 765: Studies in Music (Music History)
LAI 767: Musicianship and Theory – Elementary General
LAI 768: Musicianship and Theory – Early Childhood
LAI 769: Musicianship and Theory – Instrumental

Education Electives (9 credit hours from the list below)
Any 3 graduate education courses approved by your advisor from the list below:

LAI 538: Music Education Practices
LAI 561: Technology in Music Education
LAI 564: Studies in Music Education
LAI 566: Design and Evaluation of Music Curriculum
LAI 568: Historical Development of Music Learning Theory
LAI 610: Supervision of Music Learning Programs
LAI 700: CAPSTONE EVENT (3 credit hours)

Please note: a grade of B- or higher is required for all coursework in the Music Education Studies Non Teacher Certification program.