Master's Degrees

Since 1931, when it was first established, UB's Graduate School of Education (GSE) has evolved into a thriving graduate center that is as important to the Western New York area as it is to the university itself. Today the school offers an extensive array of master's programs, preparing graduates for a variety of careers in teaching, counseling, and administration, including schools, colleges, and universities.

Master's Program Title Department
Biology: Adolescence (7-12 or 5-12) LAI
Chemistry: Adolescence (7-12 or 5-12) LAI
Childhood (Grade 1-6) LAI
Childhood with Bilingual Extension (1-6) LAI
Chinese: Adolescence (7-12 or 5-12) LAI
Early Childhood (Birth-grade 2) LAI
Early Childhood with Bilingual Extension LAI
Early Childhood/Childhood (Birth-6) LAI
Earth Science: Adolescence (7-12 or 5-12) LAI
Economics and Education Policy Analysis ELP
Education Studies ELP; LAI
Education and TechnologyOnline LAI
Educational Administration ELP
Educational Psychology and Quantitative Methods CSEP
English: Adolescence (7-12 or 5-12) LAI
English: Adolescence (7-12 or 5-12)Online LAI
NEW English Education, Non-Certification LAI
NEW English Education, Non-CertificationOnline LAI
English for Speakers of Other Languages LAI
French: Adolescence (7-12 or 5-12) LAI
Higher Education ELP
Higher Education (Student Affairs concentration) ELP
Latin: Adolescence (7-12 or 5-12) LAI
NEW Literacy Education Studies LAI
NEW Literacy Education StudiesOnline LAI
Literacy Specialist LAI
Mathematics Education: Adolescence (7-12/5-12) LAI
NEW Mathematics Education: Adolescence (7-12/5-12)Online LAI
Mental Health Counseling CSEP
MS in Information and Library Science LIS
MS in Information and Library ScienceOnline LIS
MS in School Librarianship LIS
MS in School LibrarianshipOnline LIS
MS/JD (Law) dual major LIS
MS/MA (Music) dual major LIS
Music Education LAI
Music EducationOnline LAI
NEW Music Education, Non-Certification LAI
NEW Music Education, Non-CertificationOnline LAI
Physics: Adolescence (7-12 or 5-12) LAI
Rehabilitation Counseling CSEP
Rehabilitation CounselingOnline CSEP
School Counseling CSEP
School Psychology CSEP
Science and the PublicOnline LAI
Social Studies Education LAI
Spanish: Adolescence (7-12 or 5-12) LAI
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages LAI