Ph.D. Coursework


Course Work

Curriculum (Minimum of 72 credits)

The Higher Education program is comprised of required core and research methods courses. The proposed higher education doctoral program will consist of a minimum of 72 credit hours.

A. Core Courses (18 credits)

The Core courses will be offered regularly and should be taken in consultation with the student's faculty advisor.

  • ELP 501* Higher Education in U.S. (3 crs.)
  • ELP 502* Historical Bases of Higher Education (3 crs.)
  • ELP 505 Organization and Governance (3 crs.)
  • ELP 507 Financing of Higher Education (3 crs.)
  • ELP 509 The American College Student (3 crs.)
  • ELP 513 Cultural Diversity in HED (3 crs.)

B. Research Methods Courses* (12-16 credits)

  1. Quantitative Research Methods*: minimum 2 courses required
  2. Qualitative Research Methods*: minimum 1 course required
  3. At least one additional 3 credit advanced research methodology course in student's dissertation area.

C. Minor Area

Each Higher Education graduate student is required to develop a minor area in consultation with his/her faculty adviser. This minor will compromise 9-12 credits and may be taken outside of the ELP Department or the Graduate School of Education. The Administrative Internship may also be substituted for a minor area. (Examples of a minor area are in Management, Marketing, Counseling, Learning and Instruction, etc.)

D. Electives

Each student is required to take up to a maximum of 15-21 credits in elective course work. Electives should be developed in conjunction with the student's faculty adviser and should constitute a coherent, intellectual experience.

  • ELP 503 Intercollegiate Athletics in Higher Education (3 crs.)
  • ELP 508 Community/Junior College (3 crs.)
  • ELP 511 Comparative Higher Education (3 crs.)
  • ELP 512 Readings in Higher Education (3 crs.)
  • ELP 514 Student Development Theory (3 crs.)
  • ELP 516 Ethical Issues in Higher Education (3 crs.)
  • ELP 528 Law and Higher Education (3 crs.)
  • ELP 533 College Impact on Students (3 crs.)
  • ELP 534 Critical Issues in Higher Education (3 crs.)

Students are encouraged to take courses in Educational Culture, Policy, and Society (ECPS), and Educational Administration. Students may take courses outside the Department with advisor approval.

E. Dissertation Research (9-15 credits MINIMUM)

A minimum of 9 credits must be taken in dissertation research (ELP 702).

* These courses should be taken early on in your doctoral program.