Higher Education Administration, PhD

The doctoral program in higher education features several stages of study.

The first is the basic orientation to the foundations of higher education and achievement of competence in several core areas (higher education in the US, organization and governance, the history of higher education, finance and American college student).

The second phase of the program includes the mastery of a specialized field of higher education. A third stage stresses research competence. Qualifying examinations are taken when course work is successfully completed.

Qualifying Examinations

You are required to successfully complete a doctoral qualifying examination. This exam is generally undertaken after you complete all of your coursework. The format is intended to be open book: you will pick up the exam on Friday morning and completed responses are to be returned to the ELP Office (468 Baldy Hall) by 4:00 p.m. on the following Monday.

The exam will be administered in January (usually during the second week of spring semester) and in early September. Faculty members will review the responses and grade them pass/fail. If you do not pass the exam, you will have one additional opportunity to sit for a succeeding qualifying exam.

Advancement to Candidacy

Upon completion of most of the coursework in the higher education program, students will apply for Advancement to Candidacy. This application will be approved by the student's faculty adviser and the Department Chair.