Higher Education Administration, EdM

We offer a master's program in higher education administration, as well as a master's program in higher education with a concentration in student affairs administration.

In this program, you will combine classroom theory with personal experience. The curriculum is designed to cover higher education administration, counseling and research theories and applications, historical perspectives of student personnel services, modern developments and practices, and ethical guidelines governing administrators. You are also introduced to related professional organizations and issues through speakers, conferences and journals.

NOTE: Transfer among the programs of the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy is not encouraged. Students should not expect to enter one program and later transfer to another.


There is a minimum of 33 credits for our EdM program.

A. Core Courses (offered regularly, 18 credits)

ELP 501* Higher Education in U.S. (3 crs.)
ELP 502* Historical Basis of Higher Education (3 crs.)
ELP 505 Organization and Governance (3 crs.)
ELP 507 Financing of Higher Education (3 crs.)
ELP 509 The American College Student (3 crs.)
ELP 513 Cultural Diversity in HED (3 crs.)

B. Research Methods Courses* (3 credits)

ELP xxx Topics: Basic Statistical methods (3 crs.)
ELP 539: Program Evaluation Assessment (3 crs.) or
CEP 532: Research Methods (3 crs.)

C. Electives (12 credits)

You are required to complete 12 credits of elective courses and are encouraged to take any courses in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy that are not designated for specific programs. You may want to consider courses outside of the department that will prepare you for your work after graduation. Please select select your electives in consultation with your advisor.

D. Comprehensive Exam

Students must also complete a comprehensive examination.

* These courses should be taken during your first or second semester.