Program Requirements

The English Education Studies, non certification program is comprised of 33 credit hours and can be completed in two years. Our program focuses on teaching, research and learning. It integrates literature, composition, media, and digital literacies in secondary schools and higher education. Classes are small and students get individualized attention.

English education is concerned with the teaching of literature and composition in secondary schools and colleges and universities. This program takes a broad humanistic approach and emphasizes research and practice in language, writing, and response to literature. Students study theory, research, and practice.

Non Teacher Certification

Apply to this program if you have substantial English content background (30 hours of content area minimum) and are not interested in obtaining a recommendation for New York State teaching certification. Students that complete this program without certification can teach outside of New York State, internationally and within schools that do not require certification.

Required Courses (21 credit hours):

LAI 512: Readings in Multicultural Literature
LAI 514: Adolescent Writing Across Curriculum
LAI 517: Popular Culture in the ELA Classroom
LAI 519: Research in Writing
LAI 537: Language, Diversity and Literacy
LAI 580: Literature for Young Adults
LAI 700: Capstone

Content Electives (12 credit hours):

LAI 515: Research in Literature Teaching and Learning
LAI 574: Teaching the Exceptional Learner
LAI 576: Literacy and Technology
LAI 603: Developing Curriculum for the Emerging Adolescent
LAI 552: Middle Childhood - Adolescent Theory

Please note: a grade of B- or higher is required for all coursework in the English Education Studies Non Teacher Certification program.