English: Adolescence (7-12 or 5-12)

Not looking for New York State teacher certification? We also offer a non-certification program.

Degrees Offered: Certificate of Advanced Study; EdM
Certification Options: Initial Certification; Initial Certification/Professional Certification (combined); Professional Certification.

English education is concerned with the teaching of literature and composition in secondary schools and colleges and universities. Programs take a broad humanistic approach and emphasize research and practice in language, writing, and response to literature. Students study theory, research, and practice. Graduate students tutor and conduct research in local schools and are encouraged to publish their work and present papers at local, state, and national conferences. We offer an initial certification at the adolescence level, and a combined initial/professional certification with an Ed.M. at the middle and adolescence levels. The doctoral program in English education may include coursework in such areas as literature, composition, media studies, new literacies and language, in addition to research, pedagogy and curriculum.

English Ed in the News

Stephen Goss, an expert on multimodal approaches to teaching at GSE, was featured on WBFO about his group of future teachers, who are learning some unique methods of self-expression in the classroom.

Meet Our Alumni

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Mark W. Guay (EdM, 2008) Teaches 12th grade ELA at Ketcham High School in Wappingers Falls, NY

"Four years ago I left the University at Buffalo with the vigor and vitality to make a difference in the lives of the students I teach. The school’s progressive ideals helped me connect with my students through lessons that engage learners with a multitude of learning styles and reflect today’s needs of the modern-day student."
  Shannon Burke Krukowski (EdM, 2009) teaches 7th and 8th grade ELA at Pinnacle Charter School, Buffalo, NY

"My time at the Graduate School of Education fully prepared me to enter the classroom as a secondary English teacher.  I have been able to apply what I've learned at UB to create an authentic community of readers and writers in a local urban middle school.  My teaching focuses on helping students to make sense of the text, their own personal experiences, and their interaction with the real world through reading, writing, discussion, and self-expression in a variety of mediums.  I am confident that my students are emerging as more dynamic individuals and are developing into socially conscious, active members of a democratic society." 
Ariel Raskin (EdM, 2009) teaches high school English in Brockport Central Schools, Brockport, NY

“The support from faculty was above all else the best thing about the program. No matter the situation, there was always someone there to help out. The teachers have "been there" and give advice that makes sense in the classroom from the lens of a person who has been in the same situation. The English Ed program taught me how to fuse "Ariel" with my teacher persona and make it all work together.”

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