School District Business Leader (SDBL)

The Department of Educational Leadership (ELP) offers a 36-hour graduate program to prepare candidates to apply to the New York State Education Department (SED) for certification as a School District Business Leader (SDBL).

Course No. Course Title Credits
ELP 604 Law and Public Education 3
ELP 605 Collective Negotiations and Contract Administration 3
ELP 607 School and District Capacity Building 3
ELP 625 Studies in Educational Leadership 3
ELP 629 Personnel Administration in Schools 3
ELP 635 Leading an Effective School District 3
ELP 642 Governance and Policy 3
ELP 646 School Business Administration 3
ELP 647 Educational Planning, Budgeting and Data Analysis 3
ELP 649 Public School Finance 3
ELP 658 Clinical Seminar: Internship 3
ELP 659 Clinical Seminar: Internship 3
  Total Credits 36
Clinical Experiences in Educational Leadership

Candidates are expected to complete a 600 hour clinical internship experience, either one academic semester full-time; one summer full-time plus one academic semester part-time; or two academic semesters part-time. Except in unusual circumstances the clinical internship will take place in the last of last two semesters of the program.

Program Requirements for Admission, Completion and Recommendation for Certification

Candidates for the SDBL will already have obtained a Masters degree from an accredited degree granting institution for which 24 credit hours will normally be granted for prior learning. In addition, candidates are required to take the GRE, demonstrate the ability to meet the academic and clinical requirements of a rigorous graduate program, and provide evidence of the potential to become a successful school building leader (school district leader, school district business leader).

  • All courses in the 36 hour SDBL Program.
  • An oral defense in front of a committee consisting of one member of faculty from the Educational Administration Program, one member of the GSE faculty and two practicing administrators (one of whom will be a school district business leader).
  • A clinical internship portfolio.

In addition, a condition for recommendation for certification requires students to provide documentation from BOCES or other recognized provider that they have completed workshops including: Child Abuse Identification, School Violence Intervention and Prevention, and Dignity For All Students Act. For additional information about New York State Education Department requirements for certification please visit

Gainful Employment Disclosure