Program Requirements

All focus areas in the Education Studies Ed.M. degree program require students to fulfill the following requirements for conferral. Each focus area may require specific requirements in addition to the following program-general requirements. Applicants are encouraged to contact the focus area coordinator for details.

  1. Students are required to maintain continuous registration.
  2. Students are required to complete a minimum of 32 credit hours of graduate study.
    1. Sixteen of the 32 credit hours are required to be taken within the GSE.
    2. A maximum of 6 hours of transfer credit of graduate courses, completed with grades of “B” or above from an accredited institution, may be included in the student’s program if approved by the advisor and the department.
  3. Students are required to file an Application to Candidacy (ATC) for the Ed.M. degree in Education Studies with the department for submission to the GSE Graduate Degrees Committee after completion of 12 credit hours and prior to completion of 24 credit hours.
    1. Student’s program of study designed in consultation with the advisor should represent a coherent academic plan directly linked to the rationale, i.e., the relationship of the program to the student’s educational goals, in the ATC.
    2. If the student takes an informal course, e.g., Independent Study, as a part of the program, the Informal Course Description form, approved before the student registers for the course, is required to be attached to the ATC.
  4. Students are required to pass a comprehension exam or complete a master’s project or thesis.
  5. Students are required to complete the program within 5 years.