CP/SP Student Research

Dissertations Completed by Program Students

In order to facilitate informed decision-making, a listing of dissertations completed by CP/SP students is provided by program concentration and year. The titles illustrate the diversity and depth of student research.

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2017 Dissertation Titles

Counseling Psychology Concentration

Investigating Academic Motivation in Student Veterans in Higher Education: The Role of Hardiness and Copying Styles by Jessica Goodell

Method Effects and Informant Discrepancies in the Behavior Intervention Monitoring Assessment System by Michael Infranco

School Psychology Concentration

Participant Reactions to School Crisis Training: Factor Structure and Relation to Knowledge and Attitude Change by Erin Cook

The Kindergarten Impairment Rating Scale: The Validity of a Brief Measure of Academic and Social Behaviors as Indicators of Kindergarten Readiness by Lesthia Isaacs

2016 Dissertation Titles

Counseling Psychology Concentration

Therapist Beliefs, Emotional Reactions, and Response Styles to Distressed Clients by David Altabef

Psychosocial Correlates and Changes Post-Bariatric Surgery by Angela Detchner

Dementia and Understanding of Self: How Self-Perceptions of Personality Dimensions Differ from Informant Perceptions of Patient Personality for Patients with AD and Amnestic MCI by Samuel Deutch

The Role of Implicit Theories of Emotion in Emotion Regulation and Psychological Well-being Among Young Adults with and without High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder by Hidetoshi Hama

Psychometric Analysis of the Depression/Anxiety Negative Affect (DANA) Scale used for Progress Monitoring in an Inpatient Substance Abuse Group Treatment Setting by Tania Sharma

School Psychology Concentration

Feasibility and Initial Efficacy of an Outpatient Comprehensive Psychosocial Treatment for Children with HFASD: An Open-Trial by Alanna Lipinski

Personal Attitudes and Social Norms Related to Willingness to Intervene in Peer Victimization by Toni Torchia

Parent Perceptions of Social Vulnerability of Students with Disabilities: Experience of and Copying with Victimization by Jilynn Werth

2015 Dissertation Titles

Counseling Psychology Concentration

The Effect of Emotional Intelligence, Ethnic Identity, and Ethnicity on College Adjustment by Althea Mae Maduramente

School Psychology Concentration

The Impact of Child-Related Variables and Caregiver-Related Variables in Affecting the Quality of Life of Caregivers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Fabienne Bain

The Influence of Family Meals on Health and Academic Outcomes in Children by Amber Dewey

Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Social Responsiveness Scale – Second Edition in a Sample of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Andrew Nelson

Interpersonal Styles and Eating Disorder Risk Factors in Children: Examining the Moderating Role of Anxiety by Kelly Norman

Exploratory Factor Analysis of Special Education Staff Ratings Using the Childhood Autism Rating Scale – Second Edition in a Sample of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Joshua Popkin

Healthy Homes, Healthy Families: A Parent Directed Approach to Childhood Obesity by Lynda Sosa-Lowry

2014 Dissertation Titles

Counseling Psychology Concentration

The Dignity of All Students Act: Implications for School Bullying and Harassment by Heather Cosgrove

Female First Generation College Students from the Working Class: Motivations, Strengths, and Coping Skills by Danielle Gissinger

Generational Status of College Students and Academic Outcomes: An Examination of Locus of Control and Self-Efficacy by Brandy Petrie

The Impact of Social Support on Quality of Life for Spousal Caregivers of People with Multiple Sclerosis by Camille Simonetti

School Psychology Concentration

Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Gilliam Autism Rating Scale – Second Edition with a Sample of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Elissa Dua

Moderators of Behavioral Parent Training Effects for Children with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A Meta-analysis by Charles Hallmark

Dialectical Behavior Therapy with At-Risk, Overweight Adolescents: A Pilot Trial by Brittany Hayden

Eating Disorders and Anxiety in Middle School: A Yoga and Mindfulness-Based Primary Prevention Program by Emily Keddie

The Africa Yoga Project: A Participant-Driven Concept Map of Kenyan Teachers’ Reported Experiences by Jessalyn Klein

The Daily Report Card as a Homework Intervention for Children and Adolescents with ADHD by Brittany Parham

The Role of Anxiety on the Experience of Peer Victimization and Eating Disorder Symptoms by Michelle Serwacki

2013 Dissertation Titles

Counseling Psychology Concentration

Disordered Eating Among Indian Women: The Role of Cultural Conflict and Family Functioning by Deepti Athalye

The Relationship Between Perfectionism and Adjustment of Individuals with Chronic Pain by Tzu-An Hu

Lived Experiences of Trauma Workers: Costs and Rewards of Caring by Tanisha Joshi

Self-Care Behaviors, Perceived Stress, Burnout, and Affect among Master’s and Doctoral-level Mental Health Trainees by Niki Keating

Primary Psychopathy and Emotion Suppression: Effects on the Experience of Empathy and Distressful Affect by Gwendoline Lander

Where Do Allies Come from: An Evaluation of a University Safe Zone Program by John Mack

Life After Loss: An Exploratory Study of the Adult Sibling Relationship after the Loss of a Sibling by Katherine Neely

A concept mapping study of high school Gay/Straight Alliances by Andrew Wurl

School Psychology Concentration

Interpersonal Interpretations of Measures of Group Members’ Counseling Perceptions, Corrective Feedback, and Stage of Change at Pre-Group by Brian Amos

Factor Analysis of the Psychosocial Assessment Tool (PAT2.0) by Sara Haugli

An Exploration of the Social Neuroscience of Empathy and Autism Spectrum Disorder Behaviors in Anorexia Nervosa by Amanda Smith James

Girls Growing in Wellness and Balance: Examining the Efficacy of a Parent Program in Eating Disorder Prevention by Tatyana Raby

Closer Look: Head Start Teacher’s Perception, Practices and Performance by Kalima Smalls

Randomized Clinical Trial of Mind Reading Computer Instruction and In Vivo Rehearsal on the Emotion Encoding and Decoding of Children with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders by Rachael Smith-Sponholz