Childhood Education (1-6)

Degrees Offered: Ed.M.
Certification Options: Initial Certification/Professional Certification (combined); Professional Certification

Programs in childhood education deal with children from grades 1–6. The program in childhood education is also available with a bilingual extension/specialization.

The Initial/Professional program in childhood education is designed specifically for graduate students without an undergraduate degree in education who wish to teach at the childhood level. This program enables those who hold an approved major in approved humanities, social sciences, or sciences to pursue a master's degree and to satisfy grade 1-6 certification requirements.

The Professional program in childhood education is designed for graduate students who completed an approved undergraduate major and hold NYS Initial certification in childhood education.

Childhood Education with an emphasis in Literacy

The Childhood Education: Literacy Emphasis Program is an extension of the Childhood Education Ed.M. program and leads to Childhood Education professional certification for grades 1–6. This program does not lead to certification as a New York State Reading Teacher.

The Childhood Education: Literacy Emphasis Program is a 33–36 hour program including courses in primary, elementary, and secondary reading; language, literacy and culture; and classroom literacy assessment. This program is designed to facilitate classroom teachers' knowledge of the theories, methods, and materials, of reading, reading instruction, language, language instruction, and classroom reading assessment. It is designed for teachers who intend to teach in grades 1-6 and who wish to strengthen the normal Ed.M. Childhood Education Program with additional emphasis and study of classroom reading instruction and assessment. There are no practica in the Childhood Education: Literacy Emphasis program.

Major components of the program include the study of developmental readers, reading processes, and reading instruction at the pre-school and emergent level, elementary grades, and secondary grades; literacy and technology; adolescent literacy practices; language, literacy, and culture; children's and young adult literature; and classroom reading assessment.

The Graduate School of Education offers laboratories, centers, and projects that provide a rich variety of learning opportunities for these programs.


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Requirements for Initial/Professional and Professional Childhood Education: Grades 1–6
Requirements for Professional Childhood Education: Grades 1–6 with an EMPHASIS IN LITERACY