Ph.D. in Counselor Education

This Ph.D. program in Counselor Education is specifically designed for those who are interested in pursuing a career in academia, higher education, and advanced level positions at counseling agencies. It is not an entry-level program, as it assumes that students possess a master's degree in counseling (or a counseling related field) and a minimum of two to three years of professional experience in counseling.

Counselor Education at a glance:
Application deadline: Rolling
Degree granted: Ph.D.
Typical careers: • Faculty positions in the fields of counselor education, mental health counseling, rehabilitation counseling, and school counseling;
• Directors of Guidance or Pupil Personnel programs or coordinators/consultants in guidance and counseling programs in K-12 school districts;
• Clinical supervision;
• Professional positions at research institutions;
• Professional administrative positions in program development and evaluation at both educational and community service settings;
• Professional positions at government agencies or hospitals/clinics.

The goals for the doctorate in Counselor Education include the provision of experiences which prepare graduates to teach, supervise, conduct research, and participate in service activities related to the preparation of counselors and the advancement of the counseling profession. Students are expected to develop competencies for leadership and instructional roles in counselor education and supervision, advanced counseling practice, and research. Although students are provided training in teaching, assessment, supervision, research, and intervention, the basic intent of the program is to enhance students' already established knowledge, skills, and ethical standards in the field of counseling.

Interaction among students is encouraged since many students have years of experience. At UB, we understand that much learning comes through peer interaction. The program stresses research and counseling and includes skills training as the model for preparation.

The minimum requirement, stated by the UB Graduate School, for the Ph.D. in Counselor Education is 72 semester hours beyond the baccalaureate degree. At least 48 of the hours must be taken at UB. Dissertation credit is not included in the minimum standard.

Students can enter the program from varied backgrounds. Each student's program will be based upon the preparation he or she has and courses will be selected, in concert with an advisor, to meet individual student needs. This may mean taking some master's level courses and nearly always results in a program in excess of 72 hours beyond the bachelor's degree.