Program Information

Students admitted to the advanced graduate certificate (bridge to license) will take the following courses by either online education or traditional classroom format. Students are required to take 18-24 credits to earn their advanced graduate certificate in mental health counseling.

Required Mental Health Courses (12 credits)

The following courses are required will be offered in both on-campus classroom and online formats:

  • CEP 521 Introduction to Mental Health Counseling (3cr)

  • CEP 695 Psychopathology and Evidenced Based Interventions (3cr)

  • CEP 586 Assessment in Mental Health Counseling (3cr)
  • And ONE of the following:
    • CEP 541 Human Growth and Development
    • CEP 615 Legal and Ethical Concerns in Counseling (3cr)

Students who have previously completed one or more of the required courses as part of their masters degrees will work with their advisor to substitute an alternate mental health counseling course offered by the Department of Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology (CSEP) to meet the 4-course/12 credit requirement.

Clinical Experience (6-12 credits)

Students who have not completed a minimum of 600 hours of clinical internship experience under a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), or NYSED approved equivalent in a previous program, are required to complete 12 credits in CEP 600 MH Internship – Mental Health Counseling (minimum of 600 clock hours).

If the internship requirement has been previously met during the students’ masters degree, (i.e., their prior internship meets or exceeds all of the current NYSED guidelines for internships), 6 internship credits may be waived, thus allowing the Certificate to be earned with 18 rather than 24 credits. Academic advisors will be responsible to ensure that all alternate coursework for remaining credits meets NYSED standards.