Program Coursework

You will work with an advisor affiliated with the teaching and leading for diversity (TLD) advanced certificate program (in addition to your regular advisor if concurrently enrolled in a degree program). You and your TLD advisor will develop an individualized program appropriate for your needs, consisting of at least six courses (3 credits hours each, 18 credits total), distributed according to the following 3 guidelines:

(1) LAI 567 Improving Intercultural Interaction in Multicultural Classrooms is required of all ACTLD students.

(2) The individualized portion of the program includes at least one course from each of the following three basic ACTLD components:

Foundations of Diversity and Social Change

  • LAI 573 Technology as a Social Practice
  • LAI 588 Gender and Education
  • LAI 663 Vygotsky's Educational Theory
  • LAI 664 Bakhtinian and (Neo-Bakhtinian) Perspectives on Language, Literacy and Culture (for doc students only)

Intercultural Communication and Cultural Identity

  • LAI 512 Readings in Literature
  • LAI 518 English Education Advanced Composition: Writing Cultural Stories
  • LAI 574 Teaching the Exceptional Learner in the Regular Education Classroom
  • LAI 580 Literature for Young Adults
  • LAI 598 Intercultural Experience and Education
  • LAI 681 Linguistics in Second Language Education

Diversity in School Practices

  • LAI 511 Diversity in Early Childhood/Childhood Education
  • LAI 523 Social Studies Curriculum
  • LAI 537 Language Diversity and Literacy
  • LAI 563 Language, Literacy and Culture
  • LAI 592 Foundations of Bilingual Education: Policies and Practice

(3) The remaining six credits may be chosen in any combination from the three basic ACTLD components.