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Welcome to the Writing Strategies Web Site
Writing can be difficult and time consuming for many students, but like any complex job, writing is easier if you have the right tools. Writing strategies are the tools writers use to do their work.

This web site describes strategies students can use for success with writing. We put the site together to help teachers, but we have tried to make it interesting for students and parents as well.

In addition to descriptions of successful writing strategies, we have provided practice spaces, professional materials, and links to other writing-related web sites.

Introduction to Writing Strategies

Good writing doesn't happen by accident. Successful writers use mental procedures to control the production of writing. We call these mental procedures writing strategies.

Writing strategies are deliberate, focused ways of thinking about writing. A writing strategy can take many forms. It can be a formal plan a teacher wants students to follow to write a book report, or it can be something as simple as a trick to remember how a word is spelled.

Writers use strategies all the time to keep their writing going and to make it come out the way they intend.

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