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Writing Strategies Grades 6-12

Here are a variety of writing strategies for students in grades 6 through 12. The strategies also can be easily modified for older or younger students and for different subjects.

Four Paragraphs to Passing
Four paragraphs to passing is a writing strategy designed for use on Task IV of the 11th grade NYS English Regents Examination. The strategy gives students a blueprint to follow when developing their critical lens essay. Students use a four-box approach to organize their thoughts and information.

Developed by Kelly Ambrose
Think Sheet Handout <PDF>


Writing Strategies
Helping Students design strategies to solve their own writing problems.
Developed by Laura Lewis
<Video> <Higher Quality Video>


Follow the Footsteps
An 8-step strategy for writing descriptive paragraphs
Developed by Julie Harford
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Printable Lesson Plan <PDF>

The Your Words/Their Words Strategy
A planning strategy for referring to sources and including relevant information to support ideas.
Developed by Molly George

The IBC Strategy
A planning strategy which uses the Introduction-Body-Conclusion pattern to organize writing.
Developed by Stephenie Vinch

The You Speak / I Write Strategy
A planning and revising strategy which uses partnered writing during writing conferences to support the inclusion and development of ideas.
Developed by Kathie Scarafia

The Q2O Strategy
A planning strategy which takes students from questions to an outline in the process of preparing to write a research paper.
Developed by Megan Bernardi

The CD Strategy

A revising strategy for enhancing clarity and adding details at the paragraph level.
Developed by Tom Adams

Honoring Our Teachers
Contributions from UB Students

Grades 6-12:
Kira Brice <video>
Patrizia Smith <video>