socrative -- clickers for free multiple choice, T/F, SHORT ANSWER, can be used with a computer or netbooks

Charlie Brown Christmas Story app -- $6.99 - Assist -- allows you to scantron-grade a quiz without a scantron machine. -- create rap music from lists. Good for vocab -- record what you do on the screen

PhotostoryHD from itunes -- use to identify items, useful in LOTE

Photospeak -- add a photo and make it speak. Kind of like Voki

Elfster -- allows you to "pick names" for Christmas, could be used for grouping

Class Dojo -- allows you to manage behaviors or assignments. Good for kids with an IEP. Advice: don't let the kids see it or get reports.  Some will fix ate on it.

Tallypad -- app to keep count

APPitic -- a collection of 1,300 educational apps <-- We agreed this was the most impressive site/app we looked at

Vernier video physics on YouTube -- ipad app reviews

Crackle -- vids, not for school

Mitosis -- app that shows mitosis

Flipboard -- app for ipad, social magazine

Pinterest -- save pix, needs an invite

Freight Train app -- Donald Crews

Goodreads -- find books and track what you've read or would like to read, there's an app & widgets

SketchBook -- add photos in layers, a touch app (compared to PhotoShop)

Let's create! pottery HD app -- work with clay virtually

123D Sculpt app -- more working with clay

Simlab -- draw designs and they are mirrored in 4 quadrants

Splashtop Whiteboard -- overview on Youtube, remote desktop using an ipad

Martian app -- make a martian