Image of Dr. Shannon E Budin

Dr. Shannon E Budin

Project Site Coordinator
Department of Exceptional Education

Dr. Budin is an Associate at BSC and former chair of the undergraduate program. Dr. Budin earned her Ph.D. in Special Education from The Pennsylvania State University where her dissertation research focused on using multi-media online learning modules to assist in educating highly effective teachers in the areas of reading and language. She has developed additional modules to teach the principles of applied behavior analysis and created streaming videos/podcasts designed to teach and provide regular and immediate feedback to users. Dr. Budin is committed to high quality teacher preparation and recruitment as evidenced by her consulting role in several federally funded personnel preparation projects including Shaping Careers for Higher Education: Outstanding Leaders and Researchers, Preparing Outstanding Scholars for Special Education, and Preparing Professor/Researchers of Evidence-based Practices.

Academic Degrees and Certification

2005 Doctorate of Philosophy Pennsylvania State University, Special Education
1994 Masters of Science SUNY College at Fredonia, Speech Pathology
1993 Bachelors of Science SUNY College at Fredonia, Education of Speech and Hearing Handicapped



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