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Dr. Sharon Raimondi

Project Director
Joint Doctoral Program in Special Education

Dr. Raimondi is a professor in the Exceptional Education Department at BSC with expertise in the areas of personnel preparation, technology, and program development for individuals with disabilities. She has been involved with the Special Education Joint Doctoral Program since 1994. For the past 11 years, she has served as the full-time liaison to UB and has been responsible for the coordination of this program. Duties include the advisement of scholars, teaching, serving as chair of the Area Wide Committee, and the day-to-day responsibilities of the program. She was the Project Director of a Leadership Grant on Cultural Diversity which will ended in 2009. Dr. Raimondi has extensive experience with grants, serving in roles such as project director, coordinator, researcher, and evaluator. Her expertise with technology spans over 25 years. In the mid-1980s, she was co-director of the only federally funded Special Education Technology Resource Center. This project developed technical assistance material for State Departments of Education in the areas of video-, computer-, and audio-based technologies. This federal project brought together early innovators of research in special education technology and connected them with educators to expand the knowledge base of technology use. Later, Dr. Raimondi served as a trainer and evaluator for a preschool technology project that developed a series of videos and a training manual to prepare providers to use technology to increase the inclusion of children with severe physical disabilities into the general education environment. Recently, she was appointed a member of a statewide UDL expert group and attended a week-long training by CAST to increase her knowledge on UDL. Representing Western NY, she developed materials and provided training for faculty on incorporating UDL into teacher training programs. Currently, she is responsible for the development, implementation, and training of an online electronic portfolio system for the Department of Exceptional Education at BSC.

Dr. Raimondi is currently involved in several research projects. The first is the use of multimodal technologies to increase literacy skills with middle school students. The second examines the effectiveness of assistive technology, specifically the use of Fly Fusion Pentop Computers to support students with emotional disabilities during independent seatwork (algebra skills) in mathematics classrooms. This technology supports students through the use of digital imaging technology and the use of technology based data collection tools designed for the IPod.

Academic Degrees and Certification

1986 Doctorate of Philosophy American University, Special Education
1974 Masters of Science SUNY Buffalo College, Learning and Behavior Disorders
1971 Bachelors of Science SUNY Buffalo College, Elementary Education and Mental Retardation
1976 Permanent Teaching Certificate New York State, Special Educator
1974 Permanent Teaching Certificate, New York State, Special Classes of the Learning Disabled
1974 Permanent Teaching Certificate New York State Kindergarten, Grades 1-6, and Special Classes of the Mentally Retarded


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2007 Presentations

Raimondi, S.L., Waite, L., & Pipfer, A. (2007, November). Response to intervention: An overview. Paper presened at the New York State Council for Exceptional Children Annual Conference, Albany. Raimondi, S.L., Contopdis, E., Gowan, C., & Mercantini, M. (2007, April). Mentoring future faculty. Paper presented at the Council for Exceptional Children Annual Conference, Louisville, KY.


Raimondi, S. L. (2006). Toxins in our environment. Exceptional Individuals, 30(3), 21-23.

2006 Presentations

Raimondi, S.L. (2006, August). Preparing special education doctoral leadership. Poster presented at the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs Project Directors' Conference, Washington, DC Raimondi, S.L., & Burton, D. (2006, May). Strategies to reach all learners: Mathematics the UDL way.Paper presented at the 11th Conference on Inclusive Schools and Communities, Rye Brook, NY. Raimondi, S.L., & Gradel, K. (2006, May). Universal design for learning: Strategies for "just doing it" in higher education. Paper presented at the Conference on Instructional Technologies, Fredonia, NY. Raimondi, S.L., Gredel, K., & Geraci-Crandall, L. (2006, May). higher education induction supports for new faculty: What's up, what's needed? Paper presented at the 11th Conference on Inclusive Schools and Communities, Rye Brook, NY Raimondi, S.L., Crandall, L., Kerber, C., & Rafferty, L. (2006, November). Life after graduation. Paper presented at the New York State Council for Exceptional Children Annual Conference, Albany.

National/International Service

2011 Outside evaluator for promotion and tenure of Dr. Laura King, East Carolina University.
2011 Reviewer for the Leadership Grants. Washington, DC: US OSEP.
2009 Outside evaluator for promotion and tenure of Dr. Margaret Bausch, University of Kentucky. 2008-present Reviewer, Leadership and Policy in Schools
2008 International Conference.2007-present Reviewer, Children and Youth Services
2007 Proposal Review Committee for Council for Exceptional Children’s
2006 Outside evaluator for promotion and tenure of Dr. Mary Anne Heng, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
2006 Reviewer for the Leadership Grants. Washington, DC: US OSEP.
2006 NADSE/IDEA Partnership Coalition, HECSE/IHE Representative
2005 CSETL Advisory Board member
2003 Outside evaluator for promotion and tenure of Dr. Katherine McCormick, University of Kentucky, College of Education.
2002 Outside evaluator for promotion and tenure of for Dr. Rebecca Hines. University of Central Florida, Department of Child, Family and Community Sciences
2000-2002 NYS CEC Headquarters Co-Chair for NYC National Conference
2000-2002 NYS CEC Local Arrangements Chair, responsible for planning and co-hosting National CEC Gala in April 2001, also responsible in organizing NY booth at National CEC (Kansas City)
1999-present Joint Doctoral Program in Special Education, HECSE (Higher Education Consortium of Special Educators), representative (bi annual meetings)
1994-present NYS CEC Representative to CEC National Advisory Groups (e.g., Representative Assembly, CAN/PAN)

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