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Dr. Kevin J Miller

Co-Principal Investigator
Department of Exceptional Education

Dr. Miller is Chair and Associate Professor in the Exceptional Education Department at BSC. He has 14 years of teaching in higher education and over 25 years experience working with diverse individuals with various disabilities. He has extensive experience working with scholars as a major advisor, serving on dissertation committees, and teaching doctoral courses. He has also served as co-director or project coordinator on two highly successful OSEP leadership personnel preparation grants at the University of Central Florida, co-directed several OSEP personnel preparation projects to increase the number of teachers of color certified in the area of special education and served as a PI on several research projects. He served as a researcher on a Steppingstones Phase 3 project investigating the use of interactive multimedia cases in teacher preparation programs. Dr. Miller has coordinated field tests with students as well as special and general educators on projects involving the development of software programs designed to facilitate behavior and learning strategies. Currently, he is a researcher on an USDOE IES project investigating the effectiveness of the use of Electronic Performance Support System tools with secondary students with disabilities to improve their academic, behavior, and transition outcomes. He has published over 50 scholarly papers, provided over 85 national and international presentations, and served on the Board of Directors and as Chairperson for the American Council of Rural Special Educators.

Academic Degrees and Certification

1996 Doctorate of Education West Virginia University, Special Education
1991 Masters of Education SUNY Buffalo College, Special Education
1983 Bachelors of Arts St. Edward's University, Psychology



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