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Toni Mixon

Mrs. Toni Mixon has been involved in the field of Special Education since 1997.  She has a Master’s degree in Special Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education both from Buffalo State College.  Mrs. Mixon also holds dual certification in both Special and Elementary Education and is a former HEOP student.  Mrs. Mixon has taught in public and non-for profit schools in the Western New York area for many years and she has served as a Board Member for the Journey’s Child Enrichment Center. Her most recent endeavor is the creation and founder of TDM Consulting business/ Invest In Children LLC in 2008, whose mission is to offer educational training and resources to Early Childhood Educators and Directors whose population ranges from infancy to preschool.  Mrs. Mixon’s aim is to provide training and informational resources to foster the growth and development of staff and empowerment of educational providers.

Mrs. Mixon is committed to the belief each individual child has a unique set of talents, abilities and interests that can be enriched and developed with the proper guidance and instruction.  As a result of this belief, Mrs. Mixon has decided to pursue her doctorate in Special Education at the University at Buffalo where she will research important issues in special education.

Mrs. Mixon is also the First Lady of Community Church of God in Christ in the city of Buffalo where the Pastor is her husband Emmett O. Mixon II. She is the mother of two children.

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