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Abdul Alshehri

When I graduated with my bachelor's degree from Taif University in special education with a concentration in deaf education, I started teaching students with hearing impairment who were included in public schools. Inclusion was a new concept in Saudi Arabia at that time. After teaching for a little while, I realized there was something missing in the system regarding educating those brilliant students and that a chance to learn more about educating students with special needs in an inclusive settings will fulfill my desire of improving the current situation of social education in my country. I then got accepted into a scholarship program to finish my graduate studies in special education in the United States.

The journey in graduate school has been joyful and adventures. My attention and focus turned to serving students with autism spectrum disorder. I have worked and served kids with autism in various settings, ranging from being a counselor in a summer camp for kids with special needs to being a research assistant at a prestigious local autism research center. My current research interest is looking into using technology for kids with autism. It has been great and precious time at UB working on my PhD studies, and I look forward to serving the field more.

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