What is a "special library"?

A special library is a library or information center that serves a specific professional or academic group whose information needs are defined by a particular topic or subject.

Special librarians are information professionals who choose to work in unconventional library settings. Special librarians may find work within corporations, hospitals, research institutes, law firms, specialized academic libraries, non-profit organizations, museums, archives, government agencies, and within print and electronic media companies.

Would you be interested in working as a statistical librarian for Sports Illustrated magazine? Conducting research for the Food Network? Assisting healthcare practitioners at the Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo? Archiving newspaper articles for the Buffalo News?

If you think you might be interested in some of these unique career choices, consider joining the UB SLA student organization. Members of our group have the opportunity to network with local special librarians through a variety of professional development activities.

Some Special Libraries in the Buffalo Area include: