Supporting Professional Development in an Information-Age Society

Welcome to the University at Buffalo Special Libraries Association Student Organization website! Wasn't that a mouthful? Just call us "UBSLA", and we'll get along fine.

The goal of our student organization is to supplement what is presented through coursework with programs, library tours, and professional development events. These opportunities allow students to learn first hand from practitioners about the jobs they do, the issues and problems that concern them, the resources they use, and the populations they serve.

These opportunities to interact with librarians and other information professionals expand students' awareness of the professional options available to them and provide valuable information about how best to prepare for entry into the job market.

We also focus on local history, archives, and museums, seeking out the best special collections that the greater Buffalo region has to offer, and have a lot of fun networking and exploring the ins and outs of special librarianship.

The fall 2012 semester is promises to be awesome for the UB SLA Student Organization, and we are glad that you are a part of it!