Welcome to UB PLA!

The University at Buffalo Public Libraries Association Student Club is a group which focuses on the professional development of future public librarians. This group was created to enhance our understanding of the field. In brief, the national PLA, (a division of the ALA, or American Library Association), has listed as its core values, (found here), the following:

  • Dedicated to lifelong learning.
  • Focused on and responsive to member needs.
  • Committed to a free and open exchange of information and
    active collaboration.
  • Repects diversity of opinion and community needs.
  • Committed to excellence and innovation.

UB PLA is centered on these values. As a group we encourage the exchange of ideas and information. Our goal is to assist and informn LIS students who are planning on entering the field of public librarianship, or even just curious about what public librarianship has to offer. Our club is committed to connecting students to professionals and professors who are working and have worked in the field of public libraries and are willing and eager to share their knowledge.

Focusing on community, diversity, and member excellence, 2012 promises to be a great year for UB PLA!