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The International Comparative Higher Education Finance and Accessibility Project is a program of research, information dissemination and networking looking at the worldwide shift of the burden of higher education costs from governments and taxpayers to parents and students.



Recent Publications

Johnstone, D. Bruce, Financing American Higher Education: Reconciling Financial Viability and Student Affordability [2015] acrobat_sign (PDF)

Johnstone, D. Bruce, Financing Higher Education: Worldwide Perspectives and Policy Options [2014] acrobat_sign (PDF)

Johnstone, D. Bruce, The US Higher Education System: An Introduction for International Students and Scholars [2014] acrobat_sign (PDF)

Johnstone, D. Bruce, US Public Universities in an Era of Continuing Austerity: More of the Same or Profound Change? [2013] acrobat_sign (PDF)

Johnstone, D. Bruce, Common Misunderstandings about the Financing of Higher Education World Wide [2012] acrobat_sign (PDF)

Johnstone, D. Bruce, The Changing Academic Profession: The Worldwide Impact of Expansion and Austerity [2011] acrobat_sign (PDF)

Johnstone, D. Bruce, Notes on the Corporatization of Public Universities [2011] acrobat_sign (PDF)

Johnstone, D. Bruce, Autonomy and Accountability: The Search for Balance in University Governance and Management in the MENA Region [2009] acrobat_sign (PDF)

Johnstone, D. Bruce, Financing Higher Education: Who Pays and Other Issues [2009] acrobat_sign (PDF)

Johnstone, D. Bruce, Conventional Fixed-Schedule versus Income Contingent Repayment Obligations: Is there a Best Loan Scheme? [2009] acrobat_sign (PDF)

Johnstone, D. Bruce, Worldwide Trends in Financing Higher Education: A Conceptual Framework. [2009] acrobat_sign (PDF)

Johnstone, D. Bruce, An International Perspective on the Financial Fragility of Higher Education Insitutions and Systems. [2009] acrobat_sign (PDF)

Johnstone, D. Bruce and Marcucci, Pamela, Student Loans in International Context: A Primer [2009] acrobat_sign (PDF)

International Comparative Higher Education Finance and Accessibility Project (ICHEFAP).. Student Loan Programs: An International Comparison. [2009] acrobat_sign (PDF)



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