Building Blocks Curricula

Click here for more information about the Building Blocks curriculum,. Blocks-Real Math PreK, includes a complete stand-alone PreK math curriculum. In addition, PreK-grade 6 Building Blocks software will be available either as supplements to existing programs or as part of the complete Real Math program.Click here for more information or go to "Curriculum" to see more contact and sales information.

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Building Blocks is designed to enable all young children to build solid content knowledge and develop higher-order thinking. Based on theory and research on early childhood learning and teaching, Building Blocks’ basic approach is finding the mathematics in, and developing mathematics from, children's activity. The materials are designed to help children extend and mathematize their everyday activities, from building blocks to art to songs and stories.

What mathematics should we teach four-year-olds? Consistent with both NCTM's PSSM and an extensive review of the research, we emphasize areas: (a) geometric and spatial ideas and skills and (b) numeric and quantitative ideas and skills. Research shows that young children are endowed with intuitive and informal capabilities in both these areas. Three mathematical themes are woven through both these main areas: (a) patterns, (b) sorting and sequencing, and (c) measurement and data. These are children’s mathematical building blocks, or ways of knowing the world mathematically. (See the downloadable articles for more information.)

See our field test results! Do children using our materials learn more than others? Yes…a lot! See the summary research report.