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Association of African Universities (AAU)
An international, non-governmental organization established by African Universities. A good resource for Africa that concentrates on African case studies and financing issues.

Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA)
A website that provides information about ADEA’s ongoing initiatives and houses its publications and that of its individual working groups.

Association of Indian Universities
Made up of traditional universities, open universities, professional universities, Institutes of National Importance and deemed-to-be universities. Website includes links to AIU publications and information on its weekly journal “University News”.

Associación Panamericana de Instituciones de Crédito Educativo (APICE)
APICE is an international non-profit umbrella organization for sixty student loan organizations in 18 Latin American countries. Website provides information on APICE’s services and it members as well as publications and links.

Australian government’s student loan program information sites.
Website contains information on reforms to higher education (including changed to the HECS program that have been proposed by Minister for Education).

Australians Vice-Chancellors Committee



Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation
A private foundation created by an Act of Parliament in 1988 to provide Canadians with opportunities to pursue higher education. The website includes all Millennium Research publications.

Canada Student Loans and Canada Student Grants
A private foundation created by an Act of Parliament in 1988 to provide Canadians with opportunities to pursue higher education. The website includes all Millennium Research publications.

Canadian government’s student loan program information site

Center for International Higher Education at Boston College
Provides information on comparative and international higher education with publications and resource directories.

Centre for Higher Education Transformation (CHET)
A non-governmental organization based in South Africa focusing mainly on sector and institutional change and management.

Centre for Higher Education Management and Policy (CHEMP)
Within The University of New England’s School of Administration and Training, Armidale, Australia. Work of center is primarily concerned with the impact of market and non-market forces on higher education; comparative experiences in higher education systems; client groups, client services and sector relationships.

The Center for Research in Higher Education Policies(CIPES)
This is the only higher education research center of its kind in Portugal and one of the very few in the European Union. It is a premier center for research and publication in the arena of higher education and is a founding member of the Higher Education Development Association (HEDDA), which is comprised of centers in six European Countries.

The Center for Studies in Higher Education (CSHE)
Areas of interests include higher education access, affordability and excellence, and governance.

Comparative Education Research Center, The University of Hong Kong

Council on Higher Education (South Africa)



Educational Policy Institute
A non-profit NGO dedicated to policy-based research on educational opportunities for all students in Canada, the United States and internationally. The website includes all EPI publications.

EdSup Infolink: Resources on Student Support Schemes, Student Loans, Grants and Scholarship Policies
International Institute for Educational Planning, UNESCO
An excellent database on student finance policies and studies. It that contains 400 references to government policies, policy studies, research projects and national student aid websites.

European Access Network

EURYDICE NETWORK Publications on Education
A special and extremely detailed source of information set-up by individual educational ministries and the European Union Unit on educational systems of countries in the European Union with comparative analysis, statistical data, structural descriptions, trends, and convergences.



Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI)
GUNI is a network of more than 100 institutions from around the world that work to strengthen higher education worldwide by implementing decisions adopted at the World Conference on Higher Education. Website contains reports, interviews and newsletter about the network’s activities




Higher Education Funding Council for England
HEFCE) Working to fund and support cost-effective higher education. Concerned with financing issues.

The Higher Education Funding Council for Wales

Higher Education Loans Board



The Independent Institute for Social Policy
A Russian institute based in Moscow that conducts academic research on social policy issues (including higher education finance), provides grant support to independent researchers and publishes papers and articles. Website is in both English and Russian.

Indian Department of Education
Includes information on higher education in India and on the Educational Loan Scheme

Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)

International Association of Universities (IAU)
Website contains a wide variety of interesting materials including publications, policy statements and member information. IAU puts out a comprehensive e-bulletin.

International Consortium of Educational Development (ICED)
University affiliated organization with international focus.

International Institute for Educational Planning

International Network for Higher Education in Africa
A new website on African higher education at Boston College.

Institute for Higher Education Law and Governance (IHELG), The University of Houston

Institute of International Education (IIE)
A non-governmental organization primarily for international exchange programs, but publishes on educational systems in developing countries which offer unique case studies and bibliography.

The Institute for Higher Education Policy
A non profit, non-partisan U.S. based organization focusing on Systems of Financing.



Lumina Foundation for Education



National Student Financial Aid Scheme (South Africa)

National Student Loan Data System

New Zealand Government’s Student Loan Program Information

Norwegian Institute for Studies in Research and Higher Education (NIFU)
An autonomous, non-profit foundation, mainly funded through The Research Council on Norway. A multidisciplinary institution focused on policy studies in Nordic countries. Areas of interest include Science policy studies, Institutions of higher education, statistical and resource analysis, and study conditions and student flow.



Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Excellent site for macro statistical indicators by country, reference, documents, and international conference transcriptions.
OECD regional centers worldwide include:
Washington D.C:
Mexico City contact email:

OECD online Institutional Management in Higher Education (IMHE)
Work is specifically focused on the management of higher education with regard to educational policy. Topics of interest include student expectations, internationalization, and new approaches to funding and demands for quality assurance and accountability.,3382,en_2649_35961291_1_1_1_4_1,00.html

Ontario’s student assistance program
Ontario ministry of training, colleges, and universities, Canada

Oxford Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (OxCHEPS)



The Partnership for Higher Education in Africa

Program for Research On Private Higher Education (PROPHE)
It seeks to build knowledge about private higher education around the world. PROPHE focuses on discovery, dissemination and analysis.

The Project on Student Debt
The project works to increase public understanding of student loans and to identify cost-effective solutions to expand educational opportunity, protect family financial security and advance economic competitiveness. Website contains publications and other resources.

Public Funding and Private Returns to Education (PuRE)
PuRE is a project based at the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA) that studies the impact of different systems of public financial support for education in 15 European countrees on the levels and dispersion of private returns to education and education-related inequalities in earning.



Red de Investigadores sobre la Educacion Superior (RISEU)
Mexican higher education database out of The Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).



Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE)
An international, wholly independent organization whose research focus includes higher education organization and management, and international work presented in a quarterly publication, Studies in Higher Education.

Scottish Higher Education Funding Council (SHEF)
Government funded organization set up in 1999 that allocates funds higher education institutions. Reports on funding issues mostly in Scotland but also has good resource links focused specifically on financing.

State Higher Education Executive Officers



University of Twente’s Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS)
An excellent source for information and resources in Europe.

UNESCO’s European Centre for Higher Education (CEPES)
Resource on higher education policy, reform, and access within Europe.

UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab States
Regional bureau for education in the Arab states. Website contains interesting data and information on higher education in the region.

United Kingdom’s government loan information website

University World News
An excellent source of relevant and up-to-date higher education news from all over the world.



Williams Project on the Economics of Higher Education

World Bank Tertiary Education link
Statistics, case studies, references, and current papers summarizing the issues confronting higher education world wide.


*The following websites compile a working list of online resources that relate specifically to international higher education finance and policy issues. Many of the websites are far broader in scope however, dealing often with higher education management and organization. Yet, all have some finance and/or loan component as the underlying criteria. In addition, I have summarized short descriptions of each site for easier reference. Again, this is a working list. Additions and/or corrections are greatly encouraged and appreciated and may be made by contacting me via email.
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