Student & Alumni Testimonials

Our current and former students provide us with essential feedback. Many of them have taken the time to share what earning a degree at the University at Buffalo has meant to them. Most of our students are working professionals living far from the Buffalo, New York area and without our online programs, they may have never completed their degrees. Their experiences, learning and participating around the world, along with our top-notch faculty are the key ingredients in the success and growth of our programs. We have many testimonials and will change them periodically.

Colleen M. Baker- Brockport, New York

Ed.M. Science and the Public, Class of 2013


The Science and the Public, Ed.m. program is truly as exceptional as it is unique. Overall, it provides a thorough knowledge base with valuable insights into the many practical disciplines which encompass science, and its increasing complexities. Essential factual information is presented as well as surrounding issues; relevance, benefits, potential detriments, and ethical and moral challenges are all explored to foster comprehensive understanding. The structured online sessions are always open and accessible for convenience around work schedules and family life.

The courses are enhanced by the excellent department staff and students from diverse backgrounds, allowing for an experience to view arising issues in the advancements of science and technology from differing perspectives. Of particular value is the in-depth discussions provided by fellow students, a well-rounded group of professionals from the various fields of medical, health, law, and education. Each offering their firsthand professional expertise on the variety of topics covered in the courses.

My initial intent was to pursue a degree in public health, and after many months of searching for the right one, I discovered this program. I made the right decision- the quality of knowledge I obtained from the Science and the Public program is unparalleled!

Elana Sprung – Plainview, New York

M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling, Current Student

sprungThe Rehabilitation Counseling master’s degree program at UB has been an exceptional learning experience thus far. In one semester I've obtained a greater deal of knowledge in psychology, than I had in all four years of college. The professors at UB are always able to be contacted with any issue or concern. They exude empathy and unconditional positive regard for their students. Qualities such as these truly make a difference for students, especially those who are taking online classes. This also set a positive example for me to follow to be a better practitioner.

The classes required for the master’s degree program are very interesting as well. The textbooks and assignments given provide different perspectives in therapy and allow you to explore your own level of self-awareness. UB has created a program that reaches out to students and grabs their interest. By doing so, I have grown to enjoy school and received a 4.0 on my first semester! Other schools usually assign a textbook, boring reading material and students don't retain half of it. I am very happy to be a part of this program and excited to see what I learn next. Due to my positive experience, I've also decided to receive my advanced certification in mental health at UB. Once my master’s program is complete, I will be happy to venture further into my studies and the next opportunity! I would highly recommend attending UB or getting an online degree from their university!

Mallorie Divert – Ottawa, Canada

M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling, Current Student

The Online program is a combination of online discussion boards and online video classes. I am quite satisfied with the program as it is truly hands-on and relevant. Despite the online aspect to the program, interactions with students and professors are surprisingly possible.

Tracy James-Lewis – Middle Island, New York

M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling, Current Student

"As a full-time employee and mom, I was very happy to find UB's Rehabilitation Counseling online program. It has enabled me to begin working on my goal of obtaining my master’s degree, while in the comfort of my home. The program so far has improved my technique as a Vocational Counselor."

Michael Radosta – Buffalo, New York

Advanced Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology & New Literacies, Current Student

“The ETNL program provided me with a powerful blend of theory and practice to understand how technology can build understanding and facilitate an authentic classroom dialogue. I credit my professors for being ambitious teachers in their own right and sharing their techniques developed and refined over years of experience teaching real students. When I got the chance to apply these techniques myself, I saw first hand how they could transform a classroom.”

Caitlin Fulle – North Tonawanda, New York

Advanced Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology & New Literacies, Current Student

fulle.jpg “The Ed Tech & New Lit Certificate easily fit into my schedule working full-time and has allowed me to quickly incorporate new skills and technologies into my professional work. Instructors are innovative, supportive, and knowledgeable professionals who have expanded my knowledge in the use of technology in both the classroom and workplace. The new skills I have learned are transferable and allow me to tap into my full-potential as a professional in the field of education. I can’t wait for the Graduate School of Education to develop a doctoral program dedicated to this area!”

J. Michelle Baretela – West Henrietta, New York

M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling, Class of 2013

“As a single parent who is working full-time in the field, the online Rehabilitation Counseling program has been the best fit for me. The quality of the instruction, the support of UB faculty and staff and the ability to do my school work on my schedule has been amazing. There is no way I could have enrolled in grad school without this program. I am going to be ready for my CRC exam, no question!"

Laura Esposito – Liverpool, New York

M.S. in Library Science, School Library Media Specialist, Class of 2012

“I have worked in a library for the past 22 years of my life. I have two daughters ages 10 and 13. I have always dreamed of getting my master's and becoming a school librarian, but never thought it possible. It's hard enough raising a family and working full-time much less putting yourself through college. But now I am two classes away from getting my master's in SLMS! I am so excited and could not have done it without UB offering this degree on line. I have had a good contact at UB that has helped me along through each step in obtaining my master's degree. Taking classes online I have been able to work full-time and raise my family and go to college and this has allowed me to obtain my dream of becoming a school librarian. Thanks UB!!"

Christopher Maute – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ed.M. Science and the Public, Class of 2011

Chris Maute picture“The SAP program fit not only my schedule but my curiosity about the field of Informal Science Education. From the philosophical underpinnings of scientific theory to the details of science writing, I feel I am prepared to put my education to use as a science communicator. With challenging courses, top-notch educators and supportive classmates, I am sure I will benefit from my education and degree earned in the SAP program for years to come.”

Jean-Marie Reader – Huntington, New York

Advanced Graduate Certificate in Gifted Education, Class of 2011

“This program has encouraged me to take a step back and think about education on a higher, more global level. It had been a while since I last took a graduate level course, and I am reminded about how much I truly enjoy learning. Many of the issues we have researched and read about can be readily applied to all students, not only the gifted and talented. I am inspired to continue to reach all of my students and provide creative, thought-provoking learning opportunities. Additionally, I have enjoyed the varied and eclectic nature of the assignments. I know I will borrow some of the ideas and apply them for my own students. Although this program is online, my professors and fellow students have created a warm and supportive learning environment. I know I will be a more effective teacher, and my students will reap the benefit. Thank you for offering such a rewarding and enriching experience.”

Kapka Petrov – Canada

M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling, Class of 2011

Kapka.jpg"Prior to enrolling in the online MS in Rehab Counseling degree (program) at University at Buffalo, I researched in detail master level programs in both the United States and Canada. I was very specific in my desires – I was aiming to find a master degree that would fit my needs to grow as an existing vocational rehab professional and that would support my ambitions to advance in the field by obtaining a professional certification while juggling work, study and family duties at the same time.

The Master degree in Rehab Counseling at University at Buffalo was the most complete answer to my quest for knowledge and desire to participate in a professional, well recognized certification program. I feel that through my studies at University at Buffalo I have grown tremendously, both professionally and ethically. I was instructed by the best professionals in the field. My professors at UB are excellent, inspiring role models who are not only instructors, but also rehab professionals with practical skills and rich knowledge on counseling strategies. I have grown in confidence. My clients directly benefit by the master level of studies I have gone through at University at Buffalo. I learned to apply appropriate counseling strategies in assisting clients with barriers to employment to work with their abilities.

Words are not enough to thank University at Buffalo for offering the online MS in Rehab Counseling. My studies there have been a rewarding, life shaping experience."

Gary Randolph – Amherst, New York

Ed.M. Science and the Public, Class of 2010

Gary Randolph“The Science & the Public program provided many opportunities for me to reevaluate and sharpen my world views. Nothing opens the eyes more than challenging discussions with intelligent persons from different backgrounds and locales. My classmates came to the program with the same desires I had; to grow and to learn. Together, we followed a well-structured curriculum that included topics ranging from philosophy, ethics and religion, to nanotechnology, the environment and the global commons.

As someone with a background in computer science and engineering, I found it fascinating to discuss topics that cannot be reduced to algorithms. Every student and faculty member supported, challenged, or extended ideas introduced in the readings or brought up in discussions. By the end of the program, each of us had a tremendous respect for our classmates, instructors, and the world around us. I could not have picked a better program for my needs and desires.”

Brian Hughes – Galway, Ireland

Ed.M. Science and the Public, Class of Fall 2009

hughes_brian.jpg"I have found the Science & the Public program to be stimulating and rewarding, both in terms of its content and in terms of the experience of taking the program at a distance (from Ireland). Working in education, I am frequently faced with the challenge of communicating complex science ideas to audiences whose level of understanding is only just emerging. The program has been extremely worthwhile in empowering me to take on this challenge.

My background is in the behavioral sciences. As such, I find the territory covered in the SAP program doubly stimulating. Not only does the program draw attention to some of the barriers faced when communicating scientific findings to public audiences, but the program also draws attention to the fact that these barriers can be psychological as well as institutional.

Taking the program from Ireland has thrown up no difficulties for me. In fact, it has been particularly rewarding to be part of a group of international students who are located in many places around the world."

Rich Blundell – England

Ed.M. Science and the Public, Class of Spring 2009

blundell_rich.jpg"It's a unique program, one I haven't been able to find anywhere else," says Rich Blundell, founder of Omniscopic Productions, a company that produces science programming for national media outlets.

"Science is so broadly important for all the issues we're facing. Some of these issues clearly will be solved by science. But the reason why I think this is such a valuable program is that for even issues that aren't obviously related to science, their solutions still lie in the scientific outlook."

Blundell's present project is writing and filming scientists studying the impact of global warming on coral reefs in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He says the underlying philosophy behind the scientific outlook is an essential part of the curriculum.

"There is an ethical stance of how we treat the environment and how we treat ourselves and each other," says Blundell, who is scheduled to graduate from the program in June. "This perspective emerges from what science has taught us. So it's not just technology that emerges from science; there is an ethic about our place in the cosmos, as well. It's fascinating. It changes your world view, really."

B. Bayles – Toronto, Kansas

Ed.M. Science and the Public, Class of Spring 2009

bayles_b.jpg"The program appealed to me because the nearest university is hours from my rural Kansas home. I was able to work on my degree and continue to farm at the same time.

Now that I have my degree, I'm an adjunct professor at the local junior college and I love every minute of it! I am grateful to UB for the quality education that made my new job possible.

I will admit, the classes were challenging, but who would have it any other way? It's this attention to detail that made the degree worth it in the first place.

The people in my area tend to be deeply religious. I've always thought that I have a liberal point of view, but the critical thinking classes showed me that I had been more influenced by the religious mindset than I had presumed myself to be. I can honestly say that I am a different person now than I was two years ago."