2016-17 Dean’s Scholarship Recipients

Dean's Scholarship recipients group photo
(front row, left to right) Samuel Kim, Tracy Wing, Maureen Grice, Taloria Gamble, Qichang Tang; (back row, left to right) Luke Petrosino, Manvitha Gone, Christine Chang, Yun Liang, Carolyn Yonda, Tamalyn Brown-Penders.
(The remaining scholarship recipients were not available for the photograph.)

Dean's Scholarship for Educational Diversity and Excellence

The goal of the Dean’s Scholarship for Educational Diversity and Excellence is to improve educational diversity and excellence in the Graduate School of Education by recruiting, enrolling and retaining talented underrepresented minority students—in state or out-of-state—and talented international students. Each selected student, newly admitted to a master’s or a doctoral degree program, will receive a partial tuition scholarship. Diversity backgrounds include—but are not be limited to—ethnicity, class, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion and age.

Congratulations to the 2016-17 recipients of a Dean’s Scholarship for Educational Diversity and Excellence:

  • Kenyasoweta Bowman (LAI master’s student)
  • Tamalyn Brown-Penders (CSEP master’s student)
  • Christine Chang (LAI doctoral student)
  • Somara Colon (ELP master’s student)
  • Bethaney Cotton (LIS master’s student)
  • Wilder Escobar Almeciga (LAI doctoral student)
  • Taloria Gamble (LAI master’s student)
  • Manvitha Gone (CSEP master’s student)
  • Maureen Grice (LIS master’s student)
  • Breana Jones (CSEP master’s student)
  • Rejell Josol (LIS master’s student)
  • Samuel Kim (LIS master’s student)
  • Yun Liang (ELP doctoral student)
  • Joseph Lorentz (CSEP master’s student)
  • Charles Martin (LAI master’s student)
  • Khanvisile Ngalo (ELP doctoral student)
  • Luke Petrosino (LAI master’s student)
  • Azalea Rosario (CSEP master’s student)
  • Dominique Tabb (ELP master’s student)
  • Qichang Tang (ELP doctoral student)
  • Natalia Umana (LIS master’s student)
  • Tracy Wing (LIS master’s student)
  • Carolyn Yonda (LAI master’s student)
September 23, 2016

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