Dr. Jeremy Finn Named SUNY Distinguished Professor

Finn.jpgDr. Jeremy Finn, professor from the Department of Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology, has been awarded the distinction of SUNY Distinguished Professor from the State University Board of Trustees. The rank of distinguished professor, the highest faculty rank in the SUNY system, is an order above full professorship and has three co-equal designations: distinguished professor, distinguished service professor, and distinguished teaching professor. The awards are given to full professors of national or international prominence for outstanding achievement in research and scholarship.

A pioneer in the early development of software for the statistical analysis of educational data, Dr. Finn uses quantitative research methods to study policy issues related to K–12 education. Among his major contributions are landmark studies of the effect of class size on learning, and student disengagement and dropping out of high school. Both of these studies have led to changes in educational policy in the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Finn is a principal investigator on the largest, randomized study done on class size in American education. The study, which began in 1985 and is ongoing, is assessing whether there is a link between class size and student learning and behavior, and later outcomes such as high school graduation, attending college, and employment.

Dr. Finn has received numerous awards, including a Spencer Research Fellowship at the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement, a National Science Foundation/American Statistical Association Research Fellowship, a U.S. Department of Education Research Fellowship at the National Assessment of Educational Progress, and a 2006 UB Exceptional Scholar Award in the category of Sustained Achievement.

His work was recognized nationally by the journal Educational Leadership in 2003 as one of 11 programs of research that had “the greatest impact on education...during the past 50 years.”

March 1, 2014

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