Mission and Vision

Mapping to and from ALA (American Library Association) Core Competencies and objectives mentioned in the ALA Standards for Accreditation:

Mission of the MLS Program

In concert with the tripartite mission of the State University of New York and of the University at Buffalo, the mission of the Department of Library and Information Studies is three-fold:
  1. While attracting and supporting a highly inclusive group of students, to educate a diverse workforce of highly competent, innovative, caring information professionals who will, in a culturally, economically, and technologically diverse society, apply and advance knowledge of the creation, organization, dissemination, and use of information and information technologies to transform lives.

  2. Through ground-breaking research, to contribute to the body of knowledge needed to improve practice.

  3. Through consultation, collaboration, and action research, to bring the benefits of our research, scholarship, and teaching excellence to the members of our local and global communities in ways that enhance understanding of our world and the quality of life for all people.
We view these three components as interdependent activities that continually inform and enrich each other.

Goals and Objectives of the MLS Program

Goal 1. Graduates have the theoretical and conceptual foundation from which to develop a skill set they can adapt through life-long learning.
  1. Graduates understand the foundations of library and information studies.
    The nature of information, its historical roots as well as its generation, organization, and dissemination to and use by individuals, organizations, and society.

  2. Graduates have the domain knowledge and skills required to carry out information functions.
    Including information needs assessment, collection management, knowledge organization.

  3. Graduates have general knowledge and skills needed across professions
    Skills in management, communication and collaboration, research, and critical thinking.
Goal 2. Graduates are prepared to join the profession as leaders, demonstrate professional excellence and social responsibility, and transform lives through information.
  1. Graduates understand the nature of the library and information profession and the roles, responsibilities, and values of library and information professionals and are prepared to put professional values into practice.

  2. Graduates understand the importance of personal qualities conducive to professional success.
    The program fosters the development of professionals with these qualities.

A short version of the LIS Objectives can be found here

A detailed version of the LIS Objectives can be found here

Accepted 9/1/11