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Computer Labs

There are three technology lab classrooms maintained by the Graduate School of Education for the exclusive use of their students. They are located in Baldy 14 (Mac lab), Baldy 14a (PC lab) and Baldy 200c (PC lab).


Helpful Links
UB IT Website Contains many tutorials/help-files for accessing and using UB’s technology resources
On Campus Computing If the LIS lab is unavailable, visit any of these other computer labs open to UB students
Dreamweaver Tutorials Helpful guides for creating websites in Adobe’s Dreamweaver program
HTML Tutorials Free, comprehensive website tutorial for basic HTML programming
Complete list of all lab software
The GSE Labs are open to all GSE students via UB Card swipe at any time class is not in session. The lab classroom schedules are available online here. If your UB card does not open the lab doors please let us know via this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The open lab hours don’t fit my schedule very well, can I use the lab when classes are being held?

A: Yes, if you receive permission from the instructor first. The current class schedule is available online and can be used to determine which instructor you should contact.

Q: How do I print in the lab? Are there any printing restrictions?

A: At this time, students may use the lab’s printing capabilities at no charge. Print jobs are limited by number of pages (20 ) and size (10Mb). Also, the same job cannot be submitted more than 4 times.

Q: The printer isn’t working and I need to print an assignment for my class in an hour! What should I do?

A: From time to time, the printer may require servicing. Please visit any of the alternate computer labs available at UB.

Q: Besides having computers, what other technologies/resources are available in the lab?

A: TheBaldy 14a lab also houses a cataloguing room (14c) which contains multiple texts (such as the Library of Congress Subject Headings volumes) needed for courses offered by the LIS department. The cataloguing room also contains many reference books for computer resources (such as HTML, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Access, etc. guides).

Q: I am a member of a student group and I would like to use the lab for one of our group’s meetings, may we use the lab?

A: Yes, please go to Baldy 534 to set up a date and time to reserve the lab.


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