Portfolio Requirement

The Study Planner and Portfolio serves as a tool for planning the student’s program of study and, upon completion of the program, demonstrates the meeting of program learning objectives as well as the student’s educational and professional goals. The portfolio should focus on the student’s knowledge of the Library and Information Science (LIS) field and on professional competencies developed in both required and elective courses.

Students can use their program portfolio as a springboard for producing a professional portfolio, a tool that is common in the job application process.
A portfolio with a satisfactory grade is a graduation requirement for all students entering the program, as of summer/fall 2012.

For full instructions, please see the Study Planner and Program Portfolio. NOTE: Students admitted before Fall 2017 whose plan follows the previous program requirements, should refer to the Study Planner and Program Portfolio (previous version).

Additional forms needed for portfolio completion


MS in School Librarianship

If you are a student pursing the MS in School Librarianship, please note that different portfolio requirements need to be met. Further information can be found in the
Field Experience and Practicum/Portfolio Guide.