Faculty Services

Services to support faculty technology use at UB

Use this index to link to instructional and technical support services for UB faculty.

Instructional Support & Tools

  • GSE Faculty Technology Lab – Baldy 521
    If you have a quick question (how to upload a document to UBlearns, how to change something in powerpoint, etc.) or need to use a scanner, color printer, mac or pc. Also, if you need audio or video recording equipment, instruction on how to use them and convert your media to a digital streaming format for web hosting this is the place.
  • GSE Blackboard Collaborate "Virtual Classroom" Service
    GSE pays for our Collaborate service through SUNY’s ITEC department. SUNY ITEC supports the infrastructure and GSE pays them for three virtual "rooms".
    Read more about GSE's Collaborate service
  • GSE Online Survey Tool
    GSE maintains an online survey tool using the SelectSurvey.Net software for all GSE faculty and staff. We also allow GSE student organizations and GSE-affiliated projects or groups to use the tool as well. This tool supports an unlimited number of surveys, responses and survey creation accounts.
    Read more about GSE's survey service
  • Center for Educational Innovation (CEI)
    212 Capen Hall (North Campus), 316 Harriman Hall (South Campus)

    The Center for Educational Innovation serves as a nexus for campus-wide
    efforts to further elevate the scholarship of, and research support for,
    pedagogical advancement and improved learning at the university.

    CEI provides essential university services, such as UBlearns support, UB
    Course Evaluation, online course design, scoring and academic program
    assessment, to support excellence and innovation in teaching, learning and

  • eLearning
    Working with the TLC, the GSE IT staff can assist faculty with transforming content to digital formats. Instructors can use the content independently or in conjunction with rich face-to-face interactions, discussion boards, or two-way live fully interactive videoconferencing. GSE is a leader in elearning at UB and recently developed a handbook with the School of Dental Medicine for other schools on campus trying to start elearning programs.
  • GSE Computer Classrooms
    There are three computer classrooms operated by GSE (these are not public computing labs supported by the technology fee). These classrooms are reserved by faculty for individual classes or semester long courses. Lab spaces include: Baldy 14 (Mac Lab), Baldy 14a (PC Lab) and Baldy 200c (PC Lab).
    Classroom Request Form — Use to reserve a classroom.
    Computer Classroom Software List — See what software is available in our labs.
  • GSE Town Square
    A virtual town square located under your "courses" section of UBlearns. This space can be used to transfer your files or receive up-to-date info from participating departments.
  • Course Management
    Together, MyUB (administrative tool) and UBlearns (content management tool) provide faculty with the ability to deliver content, access class lists, and interact with students.
  • eReserve
    The library staff will scan and place your course materials online in a password protected environment.
  • eJournals
    The library has a growing number of online journals, magazines, and newspapers currently available for faculty, staff, and student use.
  • Instant Librarian
    If you are spending a lot of time online at home or in the office you may want to try to contact a librarian through their new instant messenger service.
  • Instructional Technology Services (ITS) – 24 Capen Hall
    Instructional Technology Services (ITS) provides a comprehensive variety of services supporting the use of information technology in the educational process. Services include: Classroom Services, Video Services, Audio Services, Scoring Services, Conferences and Events.

Technical Support

  • GSE IT Staff
    GSE supports the technical aspects of GSE projects and programs. We provide: network support (file sharing, network printing, and back-up services), user support (providing hardware and software support for both PCs and Macs), specialized design/programming support (web, graphics), and equipment loan (digital cameras, camcorders, and laptops are available for faculty use on a temporary basis).
    Help Form
    Equipment Reservation Form
  • CIT for Faculty
    This page provides links to all major University services such as email, UB file space management, remote internet access, software downloads, computer skill workshops (word suite, research software).
  • Conferencing
    A division of CIT, the distance education and videoconferencing operation provides connectivity through two-way fully interactive videoconferencing. The group also captures and streams video.