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GSE Computer Labs

There are three computer lab classrooms operated and supported by the Graduate School of Education. These contain either a Dell Windows computer or an Apple iMac (2 Windows labs, 1 Mac lab) for each student and the instructor along with a projection system connected to the instructor computer. These lab classrooms can be reserved by GSE faculty or staff for individual workshops, classes, or semester-long courses using the computer classroom request form. The lab calendars can be viewed online. When not being used for classes theses rooms are available for all GSE students to complete their course-related work.

Computer Classroom Request Form
View lab calendars

Lab Software

Here is a complete list of software available in the lab classrooms:
Baldy 14 Mac Lab | Baldy 14a PC Lab | Baldy 200c PC Lab

Swipe Card Access

All GSE faculty and staff should have swipe card access to the GSE lab classrooms and all GSE students should have access once they are enrolled in a GSE course. However, if your card is not working or you need to request swipe card access, please fill out the form:

> Swipe Card Access Form

GSE Classrooms

GSE collectively maintains 16 technology-equipped classrooms. Each contains a either a Mac Mini (most are dual-boot running both the Mac OSX and Windows operating systems) or Windows desktop with Internet access along with a common suite of software. There is either a projector or plasma tv connected to the computer for display, as well as equipment to connect your laptop to both the video projection and networking. Most (though not all) classrooms have access to the UB wireless network.

GSE classrooms are scheduled by your department or the Dean's office. Information on how to reserve each room can be found in the description field above each calendar.

GSE also pays for a three Blackboard Collaborate Virtual Classrooms. To learn more, check out our "Web Toolbox" page.

UB Classrooms

Many times you are scheduled, through your department, to use centrally scheduled University rooms. To explore the technology and resources available in those rooms, please visit the UBIT Computing Sites website.