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Science Apps for the iPad (Available at the App Store)

Google Earth        Sparkvue         Timer+                   

Particle Zoo        ElecToolkit            Measures HD

Fgor Dissection        iBird Lite        VideoScience

Video Physics        3DCell Stain        3D Brain       

BrainPop        3D Musculor Skeleton Quiz          

Periodic Table        Molecules            TCT lite

The Elements        Science@VL Dictionary

NASA app                Star Walk        Orbit Architect

GoSkyWatchP        Planets            StarsPro

Creativity and Productivity Apps for the iPad

iLife:  Garage Band and iMovie (only iPad 2)

iWork:  Keynote, Pages, and Numbers


TED Talks iTunes Podcast

Translator and Free Translator w/ Voice

Dragon Dictation

GoodReader        iAnnotate        Evernote

AudioMemos        USB Disk        iDisk


Apps for the computers

Earthbrowser Demo  (

DataStudio (

SparkVue  (

Proscope HR  (

iWork (How to’s:

iLife (How to’s:


iLife new features  (

Google Earth

Other Apps and websites (

Links to Photos for Workshops

Natural Disasters podcast photos

Links to Resources for Science GeoGebra, PhET, etc

PhET website            Explore Learning

Concord Consortium   

Projectile Motion        Analyzing Data

General Physics        Inclined plane forces

Free Fall                        Waves

Nuclear Physics           Chemistry

Astronomy             Optics

Science demos by Mentrard (french)

Rectangular Prism  

NET of a Cube


Apps on the iPad (Available at the App Store)

iFactor                    Quick Graph         DataAnalysis       

iMathematics Pro     Video Calculus    Tangram       

Math Ref Free        SAT Math            StatViz

tangram                Graphbook        Pi Cubed Lite

Links to GeoGebra Resources for Math


GeoGebra Page

YouTube - GeoGebra Tutorials

TOC GeoGebraWiki lessons to download

Math247 / Calculus with GeoGebra

Links to Grapher Files for Workshops

Mixed equations

Bell Curve Statistics

Pythagorean Theorem Podcast

Circle Equation Podcast


Integrating Technology in Math and Science


For Further Study



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