Expanding Preservice Science Teachers


Higher Education Teaching/Science Lesson Idea

Randy Yerrick - San Diego State University


Putting Innovative Teaching Strategies To The Test

What does it take to change novice teachers' views of traditional science teaching? Research has shown that simply modeling alternative strategies is insufficient for promoting needed change toward current calls for teaching reform. Teachers need the opportunity not only to plan and teach, but also practice in reflecting upon actual lessons in order to develop expertise in knowing how to assess children's learning. Only then can teachers depart from traditional ways of thinking about teaching and learning.

In this lesson, novice science teachers use the iSight camera and iChatAV to explore the effectiveness of alternative science teaching strategies in their preservice science methods course. This project is based upon reseach that clearly demonstrates that preservice teachers need opportunities to explore children's thinking and see alternative teaching strategies in action in order to make shifts in their own teaching away from traditional delivery methods.