Selected GSE Projects in School Districts Outside the BPS

Eating Disorder Prevention Project

Catherine Cook-Cottone

The program involves an 11-week structured group for 5th grade girls using a combination of media literacy, constructivism, yoga, relaxation, emotional regulation strategies, and assertiveness techniques as well as a control group, pre/post test design. The program is manualized for standardized implementation and to allow for study replication. A control group study with 140 females has been done which we are preparing for submission for publication in top tier journals as no other study has been done of its kind. (Transit Middle School)

Technology Integration and Scientific Inquiry in a Kindergarten Classroom (Grant Proposal)

Christine Wang

Investigates how to use project approach to integrate technologies into young children's scientific inquiry and its effects on children's scientific knowledge and skills. (Windermere Elementary School)

Pre-K Initiatives Program

James Hoot

The purpose of this grant was to provide staff development at the Windermere Boulevard School as they began their transition to an Early Childhood Education Center. This collaboration between UB and Windermere provided opportunities for problem solving and exchange related to curriculum development, teacher-child interactions, parent-school relationships, and classroom management.

Initial Certification Program

GSE's Teacher Education Institute (TEI)

The Initial Teacher Certification Program is involved in liaison school relationships with the following schools: Amherst: Windermere Boulevard Elementary, Amherst Central High (Amherst); Forest Elementary, Maple West Elementary, Williamsville North High School (Williamsville); Sweet Home High School. Liaison schools are local schools that agree to work extensively with UB teacher education students for field experience course work and student teaching placements.

Gifted Math Program

Gerald Rising

Students commute to the university twice weekly to study an enriched and accelerated program of school mathematics in grades 7 to 10, and university level courses in discrete mathematics and calculus in grades 11 and 12. They can accumulate 22 semester hours of university credit for successful participation. The Gifted Math Program works in cooperation with the Amherst (21 students), Williamsville (50 students), and Sweet Home (4 students) School Districts.