2013 GSE Student Research Symposium

"Education in a Global Context: Trends, Issues, and Implications"

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The 20th Annual GSE Graduate Student Research Symposium will be held Thursday, April 11, 2013 at the Buffalo Niagara Marriott. The 2012 Symposium was a great success for many student presenters. Please participate and share GSE's aspirations to give students authentic experiences before they begin their first years as professionals in a range of fields.

To help build connections within GSE and to showcase the extraordinary work that is being pursued by all GSE students, the Symposium invites graduate students to present their research or degree-related work in an environment that imitates regional, national, and international conferences important to various fields' associations and affiliations. The 2013 Symposium is co-sponsored by:
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LIS Department
CSEP Department
LAI Department
ELP Department
Classics GSA
Music GSA
Alberti Bullying Center
Collegiate Village

This year's Call for Proposals, tentative event schedule, and Registration Form are available for download at the bottom of this page.

Student Presentations

Presentations meet a range of student objectives and illustrate a range of formats and professional interests:

  • dissertation findings to workshops informed by fieldwork.
  • in-progress research and completed studies.

Students may submit proposals:

  • as a pre-assembled panel or individually.
  • in one of the various formats (paper presentation, poster, or workshop) to best reflect their degree, career, and academic objectives.

GSE faculty members will serve as the session moderators. Faculty will be assigned to moderate panels as needed, however students may also suggest a faculty moderator when submitting their proposal.

If you are planning a presentation at a spring or summer conference, this is a wonderful forum for practicing and polishing presentations. We also encourage adapted class projects and papers.

Event Information and Tentative Schedule

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Buffalo Niagara Marriott (directions)
Registration begins at 8:00 a.m.
Session 1 begins at 10:00 a.m.


Thursday, April 11, 2013
8:00 a.m.–8:30 a.m. Registration
Coffee, fruit, pastries to be served
8:40 a.m.–8:50 a.m. Welcome Address Provost Zukoski Zukoski_Headshot_-_Favorite.jpg
(Grand Ballroom, First Floor)
8:50 a.m.–9:50 a.m. Keynote Address
"Becoming Educated in Religion and Citizenship: A Thrice-Told Tale"
Keynote Address by the 2013 Gail Paradise Kelly Memorial Lecture Speaker, Dr. Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher, Senior Lecturer and Associate Director of the International Education Development Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Ghaffar-Kucher.jpg
(Grand Ballroom, First Floor)
10:00 a.m.–11:50 p.m. Session 1 Concurrent Panels & Workshops
English Language Learners: Educational Attitudes and Experiences,
Ballroom A
English Language Learners: Educational Attitudes and Experiences,
Moderator -Dr. Sharon Raimondi
Syntactical Accuracy Improvement in Writing via Computer Based Communication
Kyunghee Mun, LAI

ESL Students’ Attitude toward English Punctuation and Correlation between Their Attitude and Ability in Use
Seok Shin, LAI
Jinsoo Kim, LAI

Vygotsky in Second Language Learning Classroom: Collaboration and Dialogic Interaction in an Adult LINC Program: A Field Study
Saima Umbreen, LAI

Perspectives and Identity: Diverse Learning Opportunities
Ballroom B
Moderator -Dr. Amanda Nickerson
Special Education Students in the Second Language Classroom
Mary Caitlin Wight, LAI

Parents’ Perceived Stress and Support Among Cross-National/Traditional Families
Yajuan Xiang, LAI

Contemporary Issues in Higher Education
Salon C (2nd Floor)
Moderator – Dr. Namsook Kim
Women in Postwar Higher Education at Cornell University
Rebecca Borowski, ELP

The Role of Mindfulness in Learning
Lisa Napora, ELP

The Challenges of Teaching College Calculus, Instructor’s Adaptations to these Challenges, and Important Implications of these Adaptations
Elvira Khasanova, LAI

Technology and Education Mediating Tools in the Social Context of Learning
Ballroom A
Moderator – Dr. Christine Wang
Embodied Social Interactions of Preschoolers Using iPads: A Multimodal Interaction Analysis
Andrea Tochelli, LAI

Print vs. E-book as a Mediating Tool for Shared Reading Social Interactions Between Infant and Caregiver: An Exploratory Study
Corinne Dabrowski, LAI

A New Literacies Approach to Implementing Educational Technology
Michael Radosta, LAI

Space and Identity: An Analysis of Space in Three Classrooms
Susan Sturm, LAI

Education and Politics: Teachers, Diversity, and Urban School Reform,
Ballroom B
Moderator – Dr. Corrie Stone-Johnson
A Survey of Multicultural Education
Alyssa Pantano, LAI

Investigating the Impact of Classroom Talk on the Social justice of a Heterogeneous Spanish Class
Elizabeth Goulette, LAI

Keeping Your “Promises” in Place: A place-based Education Reform Effort in the Context of School Choice
Gavin Luter, ELP

12:00 p.m.–12:50 p.m. Lunch (Grand Ballroom, First Floor)
12:50 p.m.–1:20 p.m. Poster session (cancelled)
1:00 p.m.–1:50 p.m. Session 3 Concurrent Panels & Workshops

Differentiation for Diverse Learners,
Salon C (2nd Floor)
Moderator – Dr. Namsook Kim
Differentiated Instruction in the Elementary Classroom
Keely O’Connell, LAI

How Teachers Differentiate in the ESL Classroom
Julia Gallagher, LAI

Constructing a Supportive Classroom Context,
Ballroom A
Moderator – Dr. Jeremy Finn
Identifying and Addressing Bullying in Schools
Julie Luce, LAI

Creating a Healthy Learning Environment
Matthew McHale, LAI

Responses and Consequences: Implications for Student Behavior
Leah Vaticano, LAI

Building a Positive Learning Environment: A Multidimensional Approach to an Encouraging Classroom
Nicholas Ryszkiewicz, LAI

Teaching and Learning in Contemporary STEM Classrooms
Ballroom B

Moderator – Dr. Steven Goss
Communication in Mathematics
Allison DiLoreto, LAI

Science Literacy – Setting the Stage for Future Success
Joan Wienckowski, LAI

Active Learning in the Physics Classroom
Thomas Guile, LAI

2:00 p.m.–2:50 p.m. Session 4 Concurrent Panels & Workshops
Arts and Education: What if Arts Were One of Us?
Ballroom B
Moderator – Dr. Suzanne Miller
Musical Scaffolding: Using Vygotsky’s Theory in the Arts
Molly Barger

Jane Austen Made Me Do It: A ‘Learning Timeline Narrative’ Project Model
Erica Secor

Urban Classroom Management: A First-Year Music Teacher’s Perspective
Joe’l Staples

English as a Second Language: Negotiating the Tools of Language Acquisition,
Salon C
Moderator – Dr. Namsook Kim
“I do not know the word, withered!” - English learners' second language writing strategies.
Yanggi Seo, LAI
Qinchun Zhao, LAI

L2 Learners’ Frequency-based Learning of English Prepositions
Hanlu Ma, LAI
Wei Dai, LAI

Youth Perspectives and Identity: Class, Citizenship, and Gender Gaps
Ballroom A
Moderator - Dr. Jill Koyama
The Muddy-Booted Boys: A Case Study of Working-Class Youth in a Rural Community
Marie Kleiderlein, LAI

Korean Youths’ Identity Negotiation in the U. S. Context
Hyun Mi Choi, LAI

Gender Gaps in Educational Settings: Dominant Discourses and Construction of Gendered Identities
Saima Umbreen, LAI

3:00 p.m.–3:50 p.m. Session 5 Concurrent Panels & Workshops
Technology and Education: Literacy Strategies and Innovative Curriculum,
Ballroom A
Moderator - Dr. Sharon Raimondi
The Use of Mediators in Classroom Discourse: Are Poker Chips the Royal Flush for Classroom Discourse?
Nicole Bush, LAI

The Suppressed Multi-Modality of Interactive Fiction
Cynthia Cohen, LAI

The Use of Social Networking Services, Subjective Well-Being and Self-Esteem of Asian International Students in the U.S.
Yin Wu, CSEP

Education and Politics: Opportunity Trajectories,
Ballroom B
Moderator - Dr. Jill Koyama
Urban Schooling and Migrant Life: Identity Negotiation Practices of Migrant Youth in China
Miao Li, ELP

Analyses of Multicultural Backgrounds and Cultural Views: Preparing Early Childhood Educators for Multicultural Classrooms
Sung Ok Park, LAI

Classroom Discourse: Emotions and Achievement
Salon C
Moderator - Dr. Kelly Kantz Roy
Emotional Embodiment: A Review of the Literature
Leah Reed, LAI

Small Student Choices: Big Steps Toward Autonomy, Motivation and Achievement in the ELA Classroom
Leah Urtel, LAI

4:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. Reception Refreshments provided

Download Schedule

Symposium Events

Along with the student presentation sessions, the complimentary breakfast and lunch provide opportunities for presenters and attendees from all areas of GSE to connect around an education-related theme, discuss the sessions, and engage in other collaborative conversations.

Keynote Speaker

A keynote address will open the conference by reflecting on this year's theme and inspiring the professional academic tone of the symposium. This year's speaker is provided by the 2013 Gail Paradise Kelly Memorial Lecture Sponsorship. Dr. Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher is Senior Lecturer and Associate Director of the International Education Development Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Ghaffar-Kucher’s areas of expertise include a) Immigrants and schooling, b) Citizenship and trans/nationalism, c) Curriculum and pedagogy in international contexts, d) Literacy and development, and e) Educational development discourse. She began her graduate studies in the field of School Psychology, earning a Professional Diploma in School Psychology and a Masters in the Psychology of Bilingual Students from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education (New York). As a school psychologist intern, she worked with struggling Indian immigrant students at a public high school in Rockland County, New York. She further developed her interest in immigrant youth during her studies at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she pursued a doctorate in International Educational Development. At Teachers College, she served as the ethnographer for the Muslim Youth in New York City Project (funded by the Ford Foundation) and was also part of the research team for the African Muslim Immigrants Literacy Initiative. She was also a member of the editorial board of Current Issues in Comparative Education for three years.

Dr. Ghaffar-Kucher's work has received national recognition: She was a finalist for the Council on Anthropology and Education's 2008 Outstanding Dissertation Award. Her article on Afghan refugees in Pakistan was a selected reading for the Clinton Global Initiative (2009). In 2010, she was awarded the Council on Anthropology and Education’s Presidential Early Career Fellowship. Dr. Ghaffar-Kucher has developed and taught courses at Drexel University and Teachers College, Columbia University.


Registration is now CLOSED!

Registration for the symposium is open to all UB students, faculty, staff, and alumni. All registered symposium attendees and presenters will be served a continental breakfast and lunch. Registration was open through March 22nd. Please see the SBI Ticket Office to purchase a ticket for this event, which will also be on sale the day of the event. online registration form.

The registration fee for the symposium is $5 per person. This fee will be collected from all attendees, presenters, and faculty moderators during check-in at the registration table. Note that CASH and CHECKS will be the only acceptable forms of payment.


Important Dates

Information Sessions: February 6, 2013, 7 p.m. & February 18, 2013, 10 a.m.
Online Registration Closed:
February 1, 2012 through April 5th, 2013
Student Proposal Submissions Due (EXTENSION): March 1, 2013
Student Presenters Notified of Acceptance Status: March 8, 2013


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Candace Cofield, ELP
Sarah Howorth, LAI
Emily Hoeh, LAI
GSE Student Research Symposium Co-Chairs


Call for Papers/Submission Form
Symposium Reminder Flyer
Tentative Schedule