Certificate of Completion in Qualitative Methodology

Cert. of Completion in Qualitative Methodology | Banner: Students gathered around a table; research, data, search, analysis

This certificate of completion provides students an advanced specialization in qualitative methodology in the social and human sciences. This certificate responds to the increased need for research informed by qualitative methods across multiple institutional and organizational settings, including schools, universities, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations. In particular, students will gain skills in collecting, analyzing, and reporting data using a variety of methodologies, including case study research, ethnography, discourse analysis, and related qualitative strategies.

This certificate is appropriate for doctoral students who want advanced training in qualitative methods as well as those looking to apply research skills to address specific problems in a variety of institutions. While the certificate is geared toward doctoral students, master’s students may seek permission to enroll in the certificate program. The program is open to graduate students from across the university.

The certificate requires 12 credits for successful completion. These include one introductory course, one advanced course, and two electives (typically, each course is three credits). One elective may be taken outside of GSE. Students must complete an introductory course before completing any of the other courses (advanced qualitative or electives) in the sequence. Students must receive a grade of ‘B’ or better in all qualitative courses in order to earn the certificate.


The following courses may be used to satisfy requirements of the certificate program. If you are aware of another qualitative course currently being offered at UB or would like more information about how to earn the certificate, please contact Dr. Margaret Sallee in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy (mwsallee@buffalo.edu).

Courses within GSE

Currently Offered
  • ELP 593: Qualitative Research Methods in Education (Two semester sequence-Intro and Advanced, offered each year)
  • ELP 692: Case Study Research Methods (Elective)
  • LAI 669: Qualitative Techniques for Education (Intro, offered each fall)
  • LAI 670: Methods of Child Study (Intro or elective, Early Childhood/Childhood)
  • LAI 626: Advanced Qualitative Research Methods (Advanced, offered each spring)
  • LAI 625: Discourse Analysis (Elective)
Possible Future Offerings
  • Digital Tools in Qualitative Research
  • Critical Issues in Technology and Qualitative Research
  • Action Research

Qualitative Courses outside of GSE (unless otherwise stated, all listed count as electives)

  • Anthropology 515/410: Ethnography
  • Anthropology 575: Cultural Anthropology: Ethnography & Personal Narrative
  • Anthropology 575: New Ethnographies
  • History 500: Doing History: History Methods and Research
  • Nursing 697: Advanced Qualitative Methods
  • Sociology 556: Sociological Fieldwork
  • Urban and Regional Planning 561: Qualitative Methods for Planning (Intro)

Additional Courses of Interest

(Note: These courses provide an excellent foundation for qualitative methods courses, but may not be used to satisfy certificate requirements)

  • ELP 500: The Nature of Inquiry

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