Resources for Parents

Alberti Center Materials

Bullying Abuse: Information for Parents

Bullying and LGBTQ Youth

Bullying and Youth with Special Needs

Bullying on College Campuses


Dating Violence and Bullying Fact Sheet

Get Help Now

Hazing and Bullying

Resources for Parents and Educators

Ways to Get Involved in National Bullying Prevention Month

Bullying and Harassment

The Psychological Effects of Bullying on Kids and Teens

The Dignity Act Informational Brochure

The Dignity Act Fact Sheet

US Department of Education Dear Colleague Letter Oct 21, 2014

What are Public Schools Required to Do When Students with Disabilities are Bullied? Oct 22, 2014 Infographic "Bullying: What You Need to Know"

Prevention of Bullying in Schools, Colleges, and Universities: Research Report and Recommendations from AERA Special Issue "Bullying at School and Online"

Conversation Starters About Bullying from SAMHSA

GLSEN's Coming Out: A Guide for Youth and Their Allies

Gay & Lesbian Youth Services of WNY

Bullying and Substance Abuse

Bullying & Substance Abuse: Effects of Bullying & How to Prevent It

Communicating with Children After a Crisis Event

SAMHSA's Tips for Talking to Children and Youth After Traumatic Events: A Guide for Parents and Educators

A National Tragedy: Helping Children Cope (NASP)

Coping with Crisis: Helping Children with Special Needs

Talking with Children About the Shooting (National Child Traumatic Stress Network)


What is social media's long-term impact on your life?

Protecting Children's Privacy - a Guide for Parents

How to Protect Your Children on their Smartphone

What to do When Your Child Cyberbullies Others

What to do When Your Child is Cyberbullied

Smartphone Safety - Family Guide

Help Prevent Cyberbullying with the KnowBullying App by SAMHSA

That's Not Cool - Where Do You Draw Your Digital Line?

Common Sense Media: Cyberbullying Tips for Parents

Cyberbullying Research Center

Facebook – Information for Parents and Educators

Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online

Cyber Safety: An Interactive Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet

CDC Preventing Electronic Aggression tip sheet

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Cyberbullying

Videos About Bullying

"My Kid Would Never Do That: Bullying, PART 1" NBC News Dateline Series

"My Kid Would Never do That: Bullying, PART 2" NBC News Dateline Series

"My Kid would Never do That: Bullying, PART 3" NBC News Dateline Series

"My Kid Would Never do That: Bullying, PART 4" NBC News Dateline Series

"My Kid Would Never do That: Bullying, PART 5" NBC News Dateline Series

"My Kid Would Never do That: Bullying, PART 6" NBC News Dateline Series

"Kids in the House" Videos on Bullying

Cartoon Network Special "The Bully Effect"

Sesame Street Video and Discussion about Bullying (for Preschool and School-Age)

My Kid Would Never Bully Dateline Episode (for Middle and High School Age)

It Gets Better: Hope for LGBTQ Youth

Violent Video Games and Aggression (Dr. Craig Anderson)

NBC Dateline's The Perils of Parenthood: Mobilizing Bystanders to Stop Bullying Be more than a Bystander