Current Projects

PREPaRE Evaluation

PREPaRE Pamphlet.jpgThe PREPaRE curriculum was developed by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) in order to provide training for school personnel in crisis prevention and intervention. Continued evaluation is an integral piece of the PREPaRE model and is used to further refine training and curriculum. The current evaluation seeks to examine changes in knowledge and attitudes toward crisis prevention and intervention after participation in either Workshop 1: Crisis Prevention and Preparedness: The Comprehensive School Crisis Team or Workshop 2: Crisis Intervention and Recovery: The Roles of the School-Based Mental Health Professional. Preliminary results indicate high amounts of participation satisfaction as well as a significant increase in knowledge and attitudes toward crisis prevention and intervention across both workshops. Click here for more information on the PREPaRE curriculum, training, or workshops.

Bullying and Wellness Study

Happy Middle School Students.jpgThe Bullying and Wellness Study seeks to investigate middle school children and their experiences with bullying, feelings about their bodies, themselves, and their peers. This study is a being conducted by Catherine Cook-Cottone Ph.D., Amanda Nickerson, Ph.D., Sandro Sodano, Ph.D., Laura Anderson, Ph.D., Jessica Akey, Ph.D., Michelle Serwacki, and Emily Keddie in collaboration with seven school districts within Western New York. This research will help both schools and researchers in the field of School Psychology to better understand how to address topics such as body image, self-esteem, and bullying.

School Climate and Prevention and Intervention Efforts Regarding Bullying and Harassment

The purpose of this study is to gather the input from stakeholders (educators, school-based mental health professionals, administrators, etc.) about school climate, and the evolving prevention and intervention approaches schools use related to bullying and harassment. The goals are to (a) identify the most frequently used practices in New York State public schools; (b) assess perceptions of the most effective strategies; (c) assess perceived climate of the school system; and (d) assess how these practices and perceptions change over the course of the implementation of the Dignity for All Students Act. (anti-harassment legislation with which public schools must comply by July 1, 2012). This longitudinal study involves administering an online survey to school staff members about these issues.

Past Victimization and Current Attachment in College Students

Friends in Hallway - purchased 2.14.12.jpgThe purpose of this study is to investigate previous peer victimization experiences in college students and current adult attachment satisfaction within their interpersonal relationships. Specifically, the relationship between previous relational bullying by one’s peers in elementary, middle, and high school and one’s current quality of attachment in their friendships is examined. This study will also take into account whether gender, race, and ethnicity play a role in college students’ past victimization experiences. The findings will be especially important in the context of how bullying experiences leave a lasting impact on individuals by potentially affecting their interpersonal relationships. The primary investigator for this study is Heather Cosgrove, B.A., with additional support from co-investigators Janice DeLucia-Waack, Ph.D. and Amanda Nickerson, Ph.D.