LIS 525 School Media Center Practicum (3)

This is the last course in the school library program. Students select two school libraries in their area to perform a 20-day practicum experience; one at the elementary level and the other at the secondary level. Students are supervised by an experienced school media specialist. The completion of the NYS Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) is required.

This course consists of three sections: LIS 525E (Elementary Practicum), LIS 525S (Secondary Practicum), and LIS 525P (Portfolio); each section counts as one credit. Students may take the three sections in one semester or in different semesters in the order of their choice, but all three sections must be completed.

Prerequisites: LIS 524, LIS 532, LIS 585 and the General Pedagogical Core Requirements. Permission of the instructor is required as well as official approval from the selected school district.

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