CEP 548 Coaching for Wellness and Physiological Integration

Coaching for Wellness and Physiological Integration is an ONLINE, interactive course for graduate students and beyond who seek to integrate a proven effective coaching model of personal change into their helping practice.

The model has grown out of a grounded theoretical base, and is based in both positive psychology and integrated Eastern practices. The coaching process encourages clients toward taking empowered action in the present moment, and does not focus on pathology, counseling, or the client’s distant past.

This course is designed to help counselors, lawyers, doctors and others in the helping professions assimilate the best practices of coaching toward personal growth for their clients, patients, as well as into their own lives.

Students will...
 •  learn, practice, and discuss the coaching process as well as develop an empirically-based understanding of the effectiveness of these techniques
 •  learn to implement coaching for wellness and physiological integration
 •  learn to guide their patients and clients toward addressing feelings, thoughts, and beliefs so that they can take action

Coursework will be a combination of readings, discussions, research review, and partnered personal coaching toward wellness, and practices that result in physiological integration. Students will be expected to participate in discussions, successfully complete the structured unit assignments, as well as to call in for a group and team coaching session once every other week.

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